So It’s New Years Day! Does Anything Change?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

On the eve of the new year I was thinking of the song “New Years Day” by U2 when I was out for a run. Didn’t seem to original of a thought. Seemed fitting for the day, no big deal I suppose. “Nothing changes on New Years Day” were the lyrics that kept floating through my head. I left it at that, finished my run and went about my day. Later in the evening I was struck with the thought “How could Bono write such lyrics?”. Everything changes all the time. I know this is true. Nothing stays the same I thought. Hmm….. Just me over thinking perhaps, I left it at that. I know writers often write so brilliantly that there can be many meanings to anything. All writings are subjected to ones own interpretations in many ways. Their art becomes your art with your way of seeing it. Ok, so that was that.

I was up before the dawn at 4:45am wide awake. Not much change there, that was the usual. I was thinking I could use some more sleep. I didn’t get all that much and it was interupted by the midnight celebrations. So I tossed and turned for a bit. More sleep wasn’t going to happen. I was to get up and listen to the answers to my unanswered inqueries of the night before.

Then they came like the celebration at midnight fast and furious my pencil barely able to keep up with the thoughts. I wrote them and now I reiterate them to you:

Nothing changes on New Years Day.

Of course not!

Nothing which is the void of something never really changes.

Nothing which is space is every where.

This is a good thing that nothing changes.

Something  which is everything that is not nothing, changes on new years day!

Everything that is something changes on everyday,every minute every second and every moment.

You are something as is everything.

We are in a constant state of change as is everything.
Embracing change which is what always is. It is a natural and accurate way to see the truth of nature and our nature. Proceed with courage into the uncertainty of the unknown. I wish you all the best of health and wellness into and throughout this New Year!


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