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This title is a name I came up with for a small deli/cafe that serves a soup of the day and a variety of sliced meat and cheese sandwiches. In Chicago, we would usually call them sub sandwiches. From my understanding in New York City they call them heros. So if any of my readers is looking to open up this type of business venture feel free to use the name. I think it’s a catchy name, with the right service and quality product I think you would do well. If you do though… throw me a little attention by promoting my blog at your deli, that would be kind.

So this is the thought that came to my head when I ran today. Odd to say the least… actually, I have had way more out there thoughts then this when I have been way, way out there on a long run. This is what I am serving today said my brain and I am reiterating it to you with my expansive thought as to why I thought this. So buckle up this will be your first adventure inside my dome we wont go to deep so it shouldn’t be to dangerous. Lace up your shoes because we are going for a run. It was in the mid 30’s when I went out on my run today, decent weather for this time of year. Really windy though, which can make things easier or harder when running depending which way it’s going and which way you’re going. Either way I make the best of it. I ran to the park for todays run, around the perimeter of the park I will go.

One side of the park was a breeze. The wind blew me as I flew like a super hero, perhaps I thought. Then around the bend it hit my side, not to bad. My next turn was a turn for the worse, the head wind was fierce. I dug in, drove and attacked. I used this technique on occasion when the going gets tough, I get tougher and attack. I have done this on hills and inclines many of times with great success. My eyes watering from the wind made it hard to see the flag blowing directly at me as I gazed up at the clouds off in the distance. The flagpole got closer as did the political signs posted along the entrance of the Chicago Park district gymnasium entrance. The windy city came to mind in more ways then one as I passed the signs. No one was outside smoking while commiserating and handing out propaganda for candidates like they were doing last year for the mayoral election. As I got closer I noticed it was early voting for judges, perhaps this does not draw such a crowd. It reminded me of the time a few years back when there was some sort of voting going on and I had to bob and weave between them all as I ran my course. I was feeling cocky and thought it was funny at the time so spontaneously as I ran by I yelled ” Vote for me I’m running! “. I don’t recall if I said this second part or just thought it but it was “I am running my legs, not my mouth!”. I thought all of that as I past the entrance my eyes still winded and watered as I hit the next turn. The outside of the park is  a triangular type shape, this side was very short (maybe 20 yards) which could be thought of as the vertex angle. I had Just finished running the headwind leg around the vertex angle and a turn onto the breeze leg. Somewhere between the flagpole voting signs entrance and the vertex first turn I thought what if I did run for some elected office someday hmm….. I let that float in my dome for a bit then the next thought as I turned and went with the breeze was “Soup.. or… hero”. Or, I guess it was super hero but it was slowed down and half way between thoughts of me running for some elected position which stuck me as odd in itself,  it came out as “soup or hero”. I ran with the breeze thinking what a great name for a deli. What a difference running with the wind was I glided smoothly on the breeze leg with so much less effort. I took my left onto the base which was just some wind on my side. I knew my next turn was going to be there soon, soon enough the wind and I would be doing a different type of dance.

I run through all kinds of weather,

all kinds of weather runs through me.

I run through pain and pleasure,

pain and pleasure run through me.

The more I look into running,

the more running looks into me.

The more running gives to my life,

the more life I have to give.

I run with life,

life runs with me.

I am running,

running is me…

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Lying on my back with my feet on the ceiling.

I looked up and saw faces in the wood grain.

I saw smiling faces, happy faces, scared faces and weird faces.

The faces were all part of the grain, all part of the whole.

My feet skated along the edge of the middle leaf past the knots in the wood,

on the  side of the framework.

I gazed at the inlet holes of the framework where the screws were embedded.

My head laid with it’s blond curly ringlets on the carpet as my hand swatted and

stirred up the dust bunnies that danced in the sunbeam.

Along the edge hung the white laced tablecloth.

The sunbeams  split into rays as they passed  through the lace tablecloth

into my open palm dots of light appeared.

On occasion I would kick at that tablecloth  and watch it wave in the air.

Now the sun rays danced as they appeared in my hand…

then they were gone…

then in my hand…

then they were gone…

then in my hand…

There were the knees, legs and shoes of the adults. Their gibberish was going on up above

but I barely heard it for it was below my thought.

I payed little attention to them.

I was busy in my world they were busy in theirs.

Until they noticed….

Then, all had changed…

Then, all was in a panic…

Then, all their noise and commotion had come to a halt…

Then, I noticed the silence which was bringing joy to me yet, brought alarm to them.

Then I felt it…

“Where Is he?” they yelled and panicked!

Legs were moving going to and fro.

The clinks and clanks of items  being jostled and tossed about

could be heard loud and clear being there was no longer the background speech that I never did hear.

Doors and closets were being open as they were calling my name.

I felt it…

I felt it…

I froze…

I hid more intently as I was torn from my world back into theirs.

Torn from my sanctuary of peace, grace, and love into a world of panic, fear and unrest.

In a moment I felt how they felt…

In a moment I was unsure why I was unsure…

In a moment this would all turn back around…

Then I seen the sideways face that made me smile from ear to ear,

calmed, joyed, so happy once again.

“There you are my little sweet heart”

“We were worried to death my little boy”

Hands reached out under the table,

“Come on… Come to me”

” I found him, he was here the whole time”

The panic subsided all were calmed, all were joyed,

and all were well!


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Creativity is a fickle feat at best.

At worse like an oxen driven plow

through  two feet deep of sludge,

on a cold dreary grey day.

The oxen are knee deep in the muck.

“Come on move it!”

You can yell and scream.

” We need productivity! ”

” We need inspiration! ”

” We need creative results! ”

Nothings moving


The oxen look back at you like your crazy.

The plow you’re standing on is sinking in.

You’re up to your knees in the muck.

You no longer can fight.

You give in…

It’s not happening today,

you accept what is.

You unbridled the yoke from the oxen.

You drudge your way out of the field.

In the barn you pat one of the  ox on his hind quarter,

” Will get em tomorrow big guy ,will get em “.

You slosh and shuffle from the barn to your

home while the sun peeks through the clouds

on this grey dreary day.

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

I always wondered about that saying.

I know what it’s supposed to imply.

But why?

Taken literally it just makes no sense to me.

Honestly what else is there to do with cake?

Back to the question at hand.

Yes…. you can have your cake and eat it too, if dishonesty, deceit, and manipulation are involved.

There will be consequence to these behaviors, even if you never get caught taking nibbles or eating cupcakes.

Sort of like a diet, the more pure without cheating really makes a difference.

In a righteous way, I don’t see why not.

In an unrighteous way, I don’t see why.

Either way, you can have it and eat it too.

It’s just a matter of what you plan on feeding within yourself.

One way will make you more  full of life. The other will eat at you.


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander


This will be the fourth year that I will be giving up meat for the entire lent period. I am not of any particular religion nor do I have a problem with any of them. I have friends  that are: catholics, christians, buddhist, jewish, islamic, agnostics, atheist and have many other religion and spiritual beliefs.

I am very spiritual and believe in many different aspects of many religions. I do believe in many of the teaching of Christ and Buddha. I do not believe so much in the traditional Christian religious beliefs. The dogma and condemning of many of these religious institutions I do not feel are the way of God.

I think this year I will not return to the eating of animals. I always felt so good physically and mentally when eating this way.

I wish the best for those that are making sacrifices during this time. I would encourage those that want to better themselves to join in and better themselves during this time. If you believe or do not believe that is your choice, either way there are things we all can do to better ourselves. Doing it together gives us all more strength. I would also encourage the thought of creating lasting change for yourself rather then temporary sacrifice. Try changing the way you think and feel about your bad habits this will help you in making positive lasting change for yourself. The Best of Luck to All and God Bless!

The lazy are crazy.
I wouldn’t believe a word they say.

Although, there is a fine line between crazy and genius as there is between obsessed and dedicated.

In walking that line with the balance and patience of a tightrope artist we embrace our optimal levels of achievement.

Too much is too much, too little is not enough.

Pushing limits, knowing limits and also knowing there are no limits,

sounds  a bit like crazy talk.

It is close …

Right on the edge is where I find the calmness

and softness of the hardline of grace and perfection.

The purity of our diet affects,

the purity of our body.

The purity of our body affects,

the purity of our thoughts.

The purity of our thoughts affects,

the purity of the mind.

The purity of our mind affects

our insights, inspirations, connectedness

and outlook on life!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

We are all more alike then we are different.

If we are rich, poor, famous or not, this is of no difference.

In our society the famous are put in the spotlight.

Their achievement of fame is in regards to their gifts of entertainment

in the many different areas that they provide for the masses.

The famous are human like us all. The human experience is a changing experience.

Throughout a lifetime there are many changes that we all go through, some good and some bad.

All the while the famous persons life is exposed for the good and the bad.

Often we judge and joke about them as if they are not human.

As if they are different then us.

They are no different then you and I.

The same is said of the rich or the poor,

the same is untrue.

The richest of rich and the poorest of poor are very much alike.

We all share the human experience.

We all are part of the same woven web of consciousness.

We share in the love ,

We share in the hate,

We share in the uncertainty of day to day life.

The one thing that is for certain, that is that; if you are here now,

that if you are listening to this message, then you can make a difference in the human experience.

You can choose to embrace whatever delusional differences you think we have amongst us or

you can embrace the truth that we are all more alike then different.

You can make a difference  by having compassion for your fellow human beings and realizing

that we all make mistakes. We all are human yet, at the core of us resides a love and

connectedness that can make life a better experience for all of us; rich, poor, famous or not.



     Oh jeez, I just looked at the temperature now 16 brrrrr…. degrees in Chicago.

I thought it was kinda cold out there on my run today.

It was not that big of a deal though…… Why?

Partially because I am used to running in all types of weather but, more so

because of the mindset and perceptions I choose to embrace.

First off, I never checked the temperature before I ran. I watched no scary news

that said “Bitter cold freeze, bundle up and stay inside!” With that I was open to experience it,

as it is with an open mind and an open body. Well, the open body thing I kind of made up,

that is a way I came up with to go through cold weather. You have to be loose and non-rigid when it is frigid.

I kind of vision the cold wind going through me as I put up no resistance to it. This seems to work for me, with that out of the way I can focus on my running

and the environment laid out before me. I have little time or energy to concern myself with an unecessary mindset of suffering due to

conditions that are out of my control. I adapt to nature and in return suprisingly at times nature adapts to me. The symbiotic relationship

between nature and I puts a smile on my face more times then not. A smile can can take you through many of mile.

    This sort of mindset tranfers to other areas of my life. There are many situations in life out of our control. I know the ego does not like to here that.

In my experience it is not the ego that truly gives you the strength to carry on. It’s beyond the ego where the true strength to endure great feats of physical and

mental endurance exist. Life will certainly throw its fair share of trouble and difficult situations our way. Adding suffering to them, adding more pain

by thinking in negative ways only makes it worse. How many times do I have to hear ” I had a tough week I deserve to ______!”. You can fill in the blank.

I have filled in that blank with so  much more pain then was ever needed for more then a decade. I have unlearned much of this and relearned to treat my body and

mind in a good positive way. Filling that blank with something good for yourself is what you deserve. Dealing with situations in the best light that you can when they occur,

rather then building them up all week then adding more pain as an avoidance of it is only creating more pain for yourself. The ego will always tell you “Stay the course… Do as I did yesterday…Why change?”

It is the small voice of reason behind this voice that is worth listening to. Build this small voice moment by moment and in time this voice will become stronger as will you!