Grey Dreary Day

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creativity is a fickle feat at best.

At worse like an oxen driven plow

through  two feet deep of sludge,

on a cold dreary grey day.

The oxen are knee deep in the muck.

“Come on move it!”

You can yell and scream.

” We need productivity! ”

” We need inspiration! ”

” We need creative results! ”

Nothings moving


The oxen look back at you like your crazy.

The plow you’re standing on is sinking in.

You’re up to your knees in the muck.

You no longer can fight.

You give in…

It’s not happening today,

you accept what is.

You unbridled the yoke from the oxen.

You drudge your way out of the field.

In the barn you pat one of the  ox on his hind quarter,

” Will get em tomorrow big guy ,will get em “.

You slosh and shuffle from the barn to your

home while the sun peeks through the clouds

on this grey dreary day.

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

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