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“How does an artist find himself?”

Well he searches,
he looks high, he looks low,
in places he knows.
Where things that he likes,
are fostered and grown.

“Then is he found?”

Oh no… not at all, he must look so much further.
He looks deeper into things, himself and others.
So now he looks closer and works on his seeing.
Unlearns what he learned and develops new meanings.

“So surely by now… Has he found his niche?”

Oh, a niche is a ditch full with pride riddled answers.
He can die right there with his own famous cancers.


He can keep searching…

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

I deconstruct,

I pick apart,

I let go,

I am.


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Oh fall, with your stench of death and decay,

lead us to the darkest and coldest of seasons.

Into the winter we go bundled up and readied to embrace,

these parts of ourselves.

For this is the season of inner growth, the season of understanding.

We find the light within us to guide our way,

as the roots run deep beneath the earths surface,

as seeds lie frozen

and asleep, awaiting the thaw of spring.

These seeds have been planted long ago.

We wait with the patience of winter,

we wait in the dormant state…

We wait until the glorious thawing of spring,

then all will come anew!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Does practice make perfect?

It certainly gets you closer, then you realize there is more to learn.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

This is all I ever do,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

A better me for you,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Until I get it right,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Through my days and nights…

I would venture to say we all know ways in which we can become better. Our only competition in life is truly ourself. Do something special for yourself today. You deserve the best of you. Be aware of your own bad habits and learn to unlearn them. Learn to practice bettering yourself. We build ourselves in the moments of everyday, through the little decisions we make. Make this day a special day for you and those around you! Remember to Practice, Practice, Practice…

It starts with white lies then stretching the truth more and more until you have blatant lies.

This has had trickle down affect from business lies to family and personal relationship lies.

It has had linear affect in all sectors and fields. Oh… this is common practice in our field, ” They are doing it! ” so it’s alright for us to do it.

Then people wise up and demand truth in business, in family ,in relationships, in government, in all of life.

For some it’s business as usual. They keep lying because that is all they know, bound by their ego and their own short sightessness they reap

what they have sown and feel the failure of their actions. This is big business crumbling all around us as we speak.

Honest business is doing quite well right now. I suggest people try honest business take the sin (error of way, mistakes, missing the mark) out

of business and watch what happens.

Almost every job has hidden trade secrets and ways of deceiving their customers. If you really think about this, most jobs you ever had

likely had you tell white lies at the low end and blatant lies at the lower end.

I always felt this was wrong. More truth, less lies will make you healthy, wealthy and wise!

Winter is the  the calmest of the seasons. Very reserved, so mature, so quiet.

Patient is winter … patient as can be…

I find it as a time to go within myself, a time to resurrect.

Nature holds it’s cards tight to it’s chest in the coldest of seasons.

The spring reveal will be soon ….

Many wait and clamor for spring.

I enjoy it, I revel in getting to know myself  better.

Winter is deep and deep I shall go

So deep, so deep…

To the core of the soul.

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander