Under the table

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lying on my back with my feet on the ceiling.

I looked up and saw faces in the wood grain.

I saw smiling faces, happy faces, scared faces and weird faces.

The faces were all part of the grain, all part of the whole.

My feet skated along the edge of the middle leaf past the knots in the wood,

on the  side of the framework.

I gazed at the inlet holes of the framework where the screws were embedded.

My head laid with it’s blond curly ringlets on the carpet as my hand swatted and

stirred up the dust bunnies that danced in the sunbeam.

Along the edge hung the white laced tablecloth.

The sunbeams  split into rays as they passed  through the lace tablecloth

into my open palm dots of light appeared.

On occasion I would kick at that tablecloth  and watch it wave in the air.

Now the sun rays danced as they appeared in my hand…

then they were gone…

then in my hand…

then they were gone…

then in my hand…

There were the knees, legs and shoes of the adults. Their gibberish was going on up above

but I barely heard it for it was below my thought.

I payed little attention to them.

I was busy in my world they were busy in theirs.

Until they noticed….

Then, all had changed…

Then, all was in a panic…

Then, all their noise and commotion had come to a halt…

Then, I noticed the silence which was bringing joy to me yet, brought alarm to them.

Then I felt it…

“Where Is he?” they yelled and panicked!

Legs were moving going to and fro.

The clinks and clanks of items  being jostled and tossed about

could be heard loud and clear being there was no longer the background speech that I never did hear.

Doors and closets were being open as they were calling my name.

I felt it…

I felt it…

I froze…

I hid more intently as I was torn from my world back into theirs.

Torn from my sanctuary of peace, grace, and love into a world of panic, fear and unrest.

In a moment I felt how they felt…

In a moment I was unsure why I was unsure…

In a moment this would all turn back around…

Then I seen the sideways face that made me smile from ear to ear,

calmed, joyed, so happy once again.

“There you are my little sweet heart”

“We were worried to death my little boy”

Hands reached out under the table,

“Come on… Come to me”

” I found him, he was here the whole time”

The panic subsided all were calmed, all were joyed,

and all were well!


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

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