Go for the Gold!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Reaching out,

reaching in,

let us all begin again.

Making new of our days,

leave the past within its haze.

Love shows no limits,

once you’re within it.

Grab the best within yourself,

let it shine and reap the wealth!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander


  1. bbrian017 says:

    This is a nice way to start the day, I just woke up thinking wow another hard day at work, you know sometimes it’s just a lot of the same stuff day in and day out but this is motivations for me and helps me remember what’s important.

    1. louiea says:

      I have been walking around the same old town for sometime now. I was thinking today if you really slow down in your thought and take extra notice of things there is plenty to be interested about. It’s just a matter of taking the time in our busy days to appreciate what we usually happen to take for granted. This is my way of trying to share that with others and I am glad it was helpful for you! Thank you for the comments this makes me feel good to know I am helping others. I know plenty of people who have helped me with their words and thoughts. Were all in this world together!

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