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We must make a difference!

There is no reasonable reason to complain about the way things are.

Do something to make them the way you want them or change the

way you look at them. To complain does nothing. Do something!

It’s not the republicans fault, it’s not the democrats fault, it’s not the

current presidents fault nor the past presidents fault.

The fault is ours! We the people are at fault!

It is our fault for tolerating and allowing things to happen.

We are, and have always had, the power to make a difference!

Be strong and brave as Americans should be and unite for causes worth fighting for.

Many have given their lives, been tortured, enslaved, and fought with

ever ounce of themselves to uphold this countries freedoms, and core values.

Too many have fought to hard to let this great country slip away.

We must embrace the great American spirit which is within this land, our hearts and our souls.

We must make a difference!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

If you trust no one, no one trust you. If you trust others, others trust you.

If you think everyones out to screw you over and take advantage of you.

You guessed it…. everyone is!

We make are own scenarios, it depends on what you want in life.

Do you want to create?

Create yourself, create for others, share, courage, love, security, create a mind worth living in…

Do you want to destroy?

Destroy yourself, destroy others, isolate, fear, insecurities, hate, destructive mind…

Do you want Heaven or Hell?

It’s all in your head.

What do you want?

Where do you want to call home?


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander