Night & Day

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The biggest problem with wrong and right is the thought of thinking in such polarities.

I have learned much more from outthinking such thought in life then I have learned

in settling for such easy answers as yes or no.

Pain is not bad nor is it good in my mind. If it had to be seen in such polarity

I would have to see it as good. More accurately I would define it as an indication

of where attention is needed. I cannot heal what I cannot feel. This is why it is

important not to numb myself with medications or foods that do such to

the mind body connection. This is but one example, examine your life as you

go through your day to day activities, are you settling for the easy answers of

“Yes, or No?”. Ironically this can be your new “Yes or No” question to yourself.

It’s not as easy as night and day nor black and white, yet it is much more rewarding,

inspiring, and exciting once we look at life for what it is, rather then seeing it in such

limiting mindful thoughts. After all, if you were to watch the night turn into day, then

the day back into night, while watching the whole day and night in-between, you would see

it is all a gradual change from darkness into light then lightness into dark

over and over again with variances and differences throughout the seasons.

It is not simply night and day.


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander


  1. I remember when I was younger. The world was black and white then. It was so easy to be self-righteous. Now I have learned that the world is a plethora of colors. The concept of right and wrong has more to do with how people can get along with each other, with God, with nature. The attraction of right and wrong is that it is easier – plus it feels better to be right that to be ambiguous.

    1. louiea says:

      Good points Dave! I think at sometime in life if you mature you realize that doing right is more important than being right. Often it seems to me that what is the status quo is often not the right way to go. I just think in many circumstances
      breaking into right and wrong seperates into sides right off the bat. Being ambiguous allows you to see from both sides which to me leads to a more definitive truth and understanding and hopefully a peaceful fair resolution for all.

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