Sunday, May 27, 2012

Give a smile!

Share some love and kindness with those you run into.

Do this often, it works wonders into your life.

Be real with it, not a thrown on smile, not an “act” of kindness.

Sincerity is the key, care about others, smile from your soul, connect with others.

There are times when others may not smile back they may look at you with hard looks or grief.

This is ok, they need it more than the ones that smile back .

Do not take it personally, they are in a bad place at the time.

Still keep smiling!

Do not be quick to judge or identify someone as this or that type of person just by looking at them.

Any one you encounter is more like you than they are different.

We all bleed, want to be loved, have suffered, are alive now and will pass away from our physical form someday.

Life is to short not to be happy!

We have a choice of how we can feel in any given moment.

Choosing to share your love with a smile between souls will exponentially grow

throughout all!

Give a smile!

: ) —> : ) —> : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander


  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    No Truer words were ever spoken so beautifully…. Smiling and non judgment bring alot of caring results..People really connect to genuine Smiles & caring…:0) xoxo..

    1. louiea says:

      When I am running and really drained or struggling sometimes I run into someone and they smile and it is amazing how much that helps. There is real power in a smile !

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