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Nothings changed, accept the way I see.

The darkness may be out there, yet it’s not getting to me.

I used to fight it, which makes it strong.

Now when I look inside, the light is on.

It’s not about destroying you.

It’s about loving you to the fullest.

It’s not about fitting in or getting others to think your way.

It’s about being you and getting others to think their own way.

It’s not about being different.

This is a given, you are different.

It’s about not being the same.

It’s about choosing to be you.

It’s not about opposition.

It’s about understanding.

It’s not about me,

It’s about you,

being you!

© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

I predict nothing.

I project nothing.

I embrace life to the fullest.

Fully aware,

Fully engaged,

Fully I am the now!

© 2012 Louis J. Auslander


I was sitting in the stands watching a local soccer game, drinking some water in the hot humid sun of a Sunday morning.

All the while, I see the soaked in sweat runners encircling the track around the game. I had finished my fifteen miles worth

of fun in the sun, seven miles in the shade of the streets and eight around the track basking in the sun. The game was nearing it’s end,

a close one it seemed with tough defense and little scoring is what I gathered. Now, I was in the stands

with a few scattered fans who were getting ready to wrap it up and move along. I was not sure whether their team had won or not  either way

they were joyful and sparked up a conversation with me about my running. How may miles did you run? You were going pretty fast considering these temps.

How do you like those minimal shoes? Would you run a marathon in them? So the conversation was going quite smooth I loved talking about running

If anyone would show some interest I could talk for hours about this sort of thing. It is my passion and my love, so I rattle on endlessly when given the chance.

Then came the question I have been thinking about. More correctly stated would be, ” The question I have been thinking about, and how I was going to choose to think about it.”

The friendly down to earth man in the shades asked me, ” What time do you  plan on finishing the marathon in?”

I offered no easy answer at first being this reignited a thought I have been playing out in my head as of lately.

“Well, last year I was a half hour quicker then the year before so this year another half hour quicker and who knows I have not hit any plateus yet, I am getting faster each year”

” I am just going to keep going at it” It was such a pleasant conversation I had, had with the few people I had just met. I get very excited when I talk about such things I think others

share in with my enthusiasm. I love sharing the joy. They all wished me the best of luck I had overheard that is was the one ladie’s birthday and wished her a happy day.

They had left I was alone in the stands thinking about limits and times, about no limits and moments… about what matters. The next two soccer teams were begining to warm up

as the teams that were finished were gathering their gear and walking to the shade with their water bottles in hand.

I do enjoy being competitive with running races so time does matter in a sense. The most important time  though is the time that I am having right “now” in any given moment.

If running has taught me but one thing that is to embrace the moment. If I can make that moment the best I can  I will surely be amazed with the blessings of the miracles of life.

Time, speed and distance depend on the past and the future and within the reference to one another lies their dependency. Right “now” is timeless. That is the comfort zone

where all miracles occur, that is where I will run. So when asked, “What time do I plan on finishing the marathon in?”

I have an idea of where I am training at . Even that idea may be better off thrown away and to  just run by feeling in the now. Limits are just that they are limiting. If I entirely focus

on a time to finish in I very likely will finish in that time. If I am open to the moment there is no limit.

As I move forward with my training I must focus more and more on embracing the moment and engaing joy to it’s fullest within me.

The more that I get to and practice the joyous pace, I will have learned how to win every race!


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

There were some firsts today. The first race I ever ran that I did not PR in. : ( Well, not really, sad actually : ). I am at 12 weeks of a 24 week training period for the Chicago Marathon. I know where mistakes were made and adjustments need to be made. Mostly diet /chemicals in = chemicals out. I really do not like 5k’s. I would rather run long, then short. Still, 7 seconds slower than last year is no biggie. Now comes the positives which I choose to dwell on. The final stretch, with perhaps, a half of a block left someone attempted to pass me. That was not happening… I kicked into a gear I did not even know that I had. He did not pass me I hit a 4:01 pace. Hey I will take it. I never even knew I could run that pace for a second yet I got there somehow. You never know who you’re going to run into as well… until you run into them, one would say. I was fortunate enough to run into my grade school/high school mate Colin McKenzie at the race. Nice to see you and your wife Colin. Now that I know your relatively close by we should get together sometime. Good fun, good run, I dig deep and prepare for the long run…

I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong because that would be wrong of me.

For the error that I see in you is but an error in my seeing.

I’m going to see the best of you.

Thus, you and I will see the best of me as well.

I am going to share that with you as you will share the best of you with me.

If I am to see your lesson that you are choosing to not see,

I am going to pray that you will see and take action upon your behalf.

In hopes that you will as well.

We all know what is wrong with ourselves.

Yet, the truth is we are absolutely perfect.

Our choices to deny our perfection, to hide behind our errors,

to embrace our mistakes is our choice.

A choice that will lead to the same lessons being brought to our attention

again and again until we choose to learn.

Always it is our choice.

In my learning I must learn to accept and love all for who they truthfully are

in which at the core of us all is our being of pure energy of light, love and perfection.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander