5k Day Hey!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

There were some firsts today. The first race I ever ran that I did not PR in. : ( Well, not really, sad actually : ). I am at 12 weeks of a 24 week training period for the Chicago Marathon. I know where mistakes were made and adjustments need to be made. Mostly diet /chemicals in = chemicals out. I really do not like 5k’s. I would rather run long, then short. Still, 7 seconds slower than last year is no biggie. Now comes the positives which I choose to dwell on. The final stretch, with perhaps, a half of a block left someone attempted to pass me. That was not happening… I kicked into a gear I did not even know that I had. He did not pass me I hit a 4:01 pace. Hey I will take it. I never even knew I could run that pace for a second yet I got there somehow. You never know who you’re going to run into as well… until you run into them, one would say. I was fortunate enough to run into my grade school/high school mate Colin McKenzie at the race. Nice to see you and your wife Colin. Now that I know your relatively close by we should get together sometime. Good fun, good run, I dig deep and prepare for the long run…

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