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Making a living out of living.

Not much worth taking,

so started giving.

Give it away and just keep on giving.

The more that you give,

the more you’ll be living.

Got a big ole heart wrapped in gold ribbon

so lets open it up and lets start giving.

Have a piece for you if you promise to share

pass it around from here to there.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

The garden foliage slowly recedes back into the earth,

as does the days into the darkness.

Still time to grow for the more rugged of crops,

the spinach, the broccoli, the kale,

hold their ground with preference for this cooler season.

We say goodbye to the now yellowing cucumbers left unharvested,

dangling from the trellis, their canopy of once vibrant

green leaves aged to a crunchy brown crisp.

There are only a few tomatoes left on any one vine,

that once was the seductress of the garden plump, red and juicy

tempting all to eat their sweet fruit in the heat of the summer.

Now a few are shriveled torn and leaking their seeds into the earth as they lay,

looking up to the yellowing leaves of their summer gone by.

Slowly, gradually all will change.

The unified dance of nature happens everyday,

every moment, the meshing and mixing of all the elements of life,

ourselves included play part in such a dance.

Nature is gradual and persistent in its ways.

So are we if we choose to go along with our natural ways.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander