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Complaining !?!?!?!?!!! ,

about the way things are perceived is but an expression of depression,

an expression of fear,

of not now,

of not here.

“Oh, but this has happened to me!”

“Yes, but it has passed…”

“But, the future is gloom and doomed!”

“Seeing such a future is not true it is your friend fear ruining your now.”


“Why  yes, if you do, you will see through him, see through his untruths,

see through his delusions,

see how laughable and humorous such thoughts are.”

Shedding light upon this darkness, engaging and embracing Mr. Fear

with a great big hug and showing him some love is the way to the

heart of the matter.

Next time he teases and tries to scare you again,

remind Mr. Fear you are his friend.

Oh, of course he likes to play a game of scare and hide.

Tell him in no uncertain terms if we are to play that game,

” You Mr. Fear will be the one running and hiding my friend! “.

I stand tall and give you hugs and show you love Mr. Fear.

We laugh at your follies,

We unlearn and relearn,

We grow stronger…

and stronger …

We grow…

©2012 Louis J. Auslander