Giving Yourself the Best !

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing the same thing in life and  eating the same way will lead to the same

results. Many, myself included have gotten complacent and settle for this

mediocre way of feeling in life. A good 20 adult years of living the same

complacent lifestyle was enough for me and I have been changing ever

since. There was a logical progression based upon much trial and error,

and experience that lead me to veganism. I do not go in this direction

because I did not like the taste of pizza, or the taste of a hamburger,

or cheese. In fact I have always enjoyed the taste of these foods and I had

enjoyed many others, cakes, dorittos and a host of synthetic chemical

foods in the past. I have been fortunate and through hard work and

experience have been able to realize what foods it takes to feel the best

in life. It is beyond amazing what we do not know of ourselves and our health

and well being until we try something different until, we take a taste so to

speak of how we could feel if we put different foods into our bodies. I know

with the holidays upon us this may be the last thing upon peoples mind is diet.

It is understandable but many start thinking of it soon after the holidays when

we feel off and a bit ill from our overindulgences. I encourage all to enjoy their

Christmas and Holidays in anyway they are accustomed to if they so wish or

see them in a different way if they wish. The thing is I would like you to know

that you do deserve the best of you and you can have it and you can change.

Believe me if I can you can! It is hard work at times but you have this one

life to live in which you deserve to be able to feel your best! Give yourself the gift

of lifting yourself up to your highest form of self, health and wellness!

You will not be disappointed!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All !!!

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

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