Monday, April 22, 2013


One thing I learned and try to do which I think really helps

is when you’re doing gardening /yard work or housework

where you are moving /lifting and bending over mostly

using the same muscle group it’s important to work the

opposing muscle group. I heard this once and remembered

to do it and it seems to work. So many times when I am doing

that type of this work I will stretch into a back bend type stretch.

It’s easy to realize when you need to do this if you’re doing

any kind of work where your hunched over or under much

stress and closing your shoulders and upper body up.

It’s kinda a yoga thing that I know also it opens up your

heart chakra. I find it really works. So I pull my shoulders back

and stretch like that. Or hold my hands together behind my

back and do the same. I also would open my arms wide and

stretch them as far as I can back and open my chest. If you do

this several times while doing your moving work or what have

you… ((the next day)) … you should not be sore. I can be in the best

shape in the world running wise and get real sore from yard

work or shoveling if I am not conscious and stretch when working.

Make sure the muscles are warmed-up before stretching.

I might add I never or rarely would stretch to deeply without

having warmed up muscles. When I start on a run I start real

slow and warm up my body then I may stretch if needed.

Or at times I may do dynamic stretches before a run but this

is done with gradual motion as well. I hope this helps I know it

has for me!

~Peace and Love~ Louie




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