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Know your own heart. Know your own love give it all away and

you will continually be replenished even more so….

No one takes your heart or your love from you and leaves you empty

without your own doing of this. Love is a collaboration.

Sure enough if you have embraced a  much powerful love within

your being by  given much, many may like to cling on to that and think that

that is theirs. Sort of like a quick fix for them to take love.

If you are a taker of love you will be left empty,


You learn to give love.

Love is free and endless…

©LouisJ.Auslander 11/22/13

I am thankful that my parents never forced any religion on me and always
taught me to live right and do good and be good. Authentically I was able to
find my way and develop a relationship with the divine. See even though I
rebelled against the authoritarian school which has taken some time to undo
and get to authenticity. Having to do that with religion would have really
thrown me perhaps down the wrong path and would have been much harder to
undo then working out ones rebellion and angst towards the public school system.

Rebelling does not exactly help in fact what in the sense are you doing when
you rebel? You are going against a reality that is being imposed on you.
Creating is our strength. Create a new reality do not empower or give any
thought to what you do not want. Give all your power to what you want in life
And make that happen! Create heaven on earth do not dwell on how bad it is
or how upset it makes you. Make it Good! It’s your life and you can make it Good!

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me that freedom even if at times you did
not understand my ways… I love you so much and am forever thankful. The best
way I can show my gratitude is by giving my son as much space and freedom to
be the authentic him that he was meant to be. The gift of love is never ending…


©LouisJ.Auslander 11/21/13

Seeing the best in people is always the best to do. There is good in all of us and this is where I choose to comunicate with my fellow humans and all of life. You are not protected by your own prejudices in fact it is just a delsuional choice set up to keep you seperated from the divine source. Once you get glimpses of the good life you will know what true protection and security is and it certainly does not rely on pre-figuring out: life, people, situations, or the future in any way.

Think Good, Be Good and Live the Good life it is worth it!

©LouisJ.Aulsander 11/18/13

The me as of “Now” I am ever changing although some of these may be core me that will last a lifetime and others may change how am I to know the future for I am in the Now! As we seem to validate whom we are by our past we can do so in the other direction as well… Some of this may be that but, let there be no mistake we will always do this in the “Now”

1) Vegan ( low fatraw vegan 80/10/10 diet)

2) Ambidextrous

3) Mountain climber

4) Multi millionaire

5) Elite Marathon Runner

6) Homeschooler

7) Best selling Author

8) Most powerful man I ever knew

9) Most: kindest, compassionate, and understanding, loving emotional person I ever met. And this is my Strength Which give me Great Power!

10) Do not necessarily follow mans rules

11) Follows Natures rules

12) Mostly undefined, free… Alive! and Loving life!

13) I cry! Crying is the most powerful side of every emotion.
The more you cry the more you have felt emotions to their highest levels. Crying certainly is not just for sadness. Joy, Happiness, love, beauty, pain , sadness and every emotion out there has crying at its fullest level. Go there and feel life! Crying also relieves toxins which helps with depression. Crying makes you Strong!

14) I’m the Most funniest joyful person that can light up a room like no other! Despite the fact I seem so serious on facebook. It is this seriousness and these ways of thinking that i share that will lead to that joy ! That other crap the egotistical shit humor is really not funny.

15) I am what I am! I like Popeye!

ok so I was given 9 and there’s 15 I can probably go on forever for I am an open book. Always give more than has been given to you comes to mind!

Like if you like and do not worry I will not give you a number or ask you to reveal who you are if you want to not share you with the world that is your business I certainly understand. You have to realize that I was once the most shy, scared, paranoid, held my card to my chest, caught in the ego type person for most of my life so I do understand. Set yourself free and fully live life honestly and truthfully and the world you live in will be just Awesome!

(this may take some time or maybe you can have a quantum leap? Either way I think it is of the 10% rule if you spent 30 years in hell you can get out in 3 years of hard work toward the good. Well worth it. Healing is much quicker than the time you spent deconstructing you)

Much Love your sincere friend, Louie 🙂