Thankful for my Great Parents!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am thankful that my parents never forced any religion on me and always
taught me to live right and do good and be good. Authentically I was able to
find my way and develop a relationship with the divine. See even though I
rebelled against the authoritarian school which has taken some time to undo
and get to authenticity. Having to do that with religion would have really
thrown me perhaps down the wrong path and would have been much harder to
undo then working out ones rebellion and angst towards the public school system.

Rebelling does not exactly help in fact what in the sense are you doing when
you rebel? You are going against a reality that is being imposed on you.
Creating is our strength. Create a new reality do not empower or give any
thought to what you do not want. Give all your power to what you want in life
And make that happen! Create heaven on earth do not dwell on how bad it is
or how upset it makes you. Make it Good! It’s your life and you can make it Good!

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me that freedom even if at times you did
not understand my ways… I love you so much and am forever thankful. The best
way I can show my gratitude is by giving my son as much space and freedom to
be the authentic him that he was meant to be. The gift of love is never ending…


©LouisJ.Auslander 11/21/13

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