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I love running. It is so freeing and provides such profound deep understandings of life for me. I romance my love affair with running each season it is anew with great pleasure I endure my practice. With great love I learn the joys of healing and growth through my love affair that goes on forever…

Be You! Find your path and love will find you wherever you may roam!

Some people speak and write complete nonsense and if that is what you think of others then be certain that others will think that of you. It’s all a matter of understanding with compassion. We are all knowledgable in different things and in different areas of expertise yet we are all the same in the sense we are humans. Extra patients and courtesy should be practiced in our lives if we do we will be rewarded for our good.

©LouisJ.Auslander 12/13/13

How I see my practice:

Long distance runners persist. We do not stop until we are done. We are never done we go on forever…
Life is in constant motion and persist. Life does not stop until it is done. Life is never done life goes on forever…

©LouisJ.Auslander 12/13/13