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Right wing Left wing stop flapping your jaws.

Stop pointing your finger stop looking for cause.

Start looking for fairness and not just for you.

Because when left and the right are together

You’ll see, the flapping leads to flying

and will all be happily… wealthily soaring free…

to be continued…

©Louis J. Auslander 1/30/14

When I eat all raw fruits and veggies I am very comfortable. When I have issues

and they need comfort escaping them via foods or substances really provides no

comfort just temporarily avoiding thus causing more discomfort in the long run. If

you know anything about me and the long run I sure do not need to carry

anymore pain, emotional strain or weight with me. As I say my practice and

training are always in life every second. I find peace in me when I feed myself

well this provides the comfort to endure life which may not always be easy yet…

the more I do my part the more life is very loving warm and comforting.

©Louis J. Auslander  1/28/14

Peaceful so(u)lutions start with You!

Some situations and people may be more challenging then others.

There are always peaceful soulutions Yet, if some are not willing to be fair

Then their own unfairness will be their own short coming. If someone is not willing

to see a situation from another perspective we must let them be. There is nothing

you can do to help a man that is not willing to share in peaceful thought and understanding.

If a man chooses only to see from a narrow scope he will never get the whole picture.

If a man chooses only to see from a wide scope he will never get the whole picture.

When she realizes and lives in such a way that she knows then… she is the whole picture!

Don’t tell me how bad the world is or how bad this person or situation is unless you

are willing to change your vision, pan from narrow to wide and back again look at

it from every way. Willingly try to see an understand it from others point of view. If you

are not willing to be humane and are only willing to attack what you consider the

enemy and opposition how can peace, love, and soulutions find their way to you?

Soulutions unite for the good of all and they stick up for the fairness of all.

Fairness starts with you being fair to a sometimes unfair world. The more you

are fair the more fair this world will be.

DSC_6789©Louis J. Auslander 1/26/14

IMG_5014 ckanestudiosSaid to me by ignorance :”You have to die from something!”

Me : You have to live for something! The problem is ignorance tells me living is dying !?!?!

Ignorance says: kill yourself it will be fun try it slowly through chemical foods try alcohol, try drugs, try shallow relationships, try delusion upon delusion…, try not feeling more, try hardening from life , try pills for depression, try more and more to avoid, try losing all the time in every decision… try giving up.

Ignorance is abound and ready to attack. Come on… come on… down with me!

Ignorance: come on man what do you do for fun?

Me : I am fun! I am joy! I am love and I am life!
I do not have to do anything for fun.

Ignorance : Huh?

It’s safe to say we do not understand each other much anymore.

Ignorance wants delusion and is very defensive and ready to attack what it does not know.

I know ignorance well it seems having spent the majority of my life under its delusion.

Stubborn are we both!

Stubborn to stay the same are you Mr. ignorance?
attack the same! act the same, the faces change and maybe the names
but I know you to well Mr. ignorance.

And stubborn am I to constantly change, to flow with life, to be life, to support and be supported by life.

I am not at opposition with you Mr. ignorance.

I am not at war.

It is difficult to have respect for the disrespectful yet…

I have love for you. I Have compassion for you. I were you for more of my life than me. So believe me when I say I know you better than you know me. I forgive me and I forgive you the war is over!

Denouncing me as perhaps the “Mr. Ignorance” Mr ignorance would mean you have tried my “Now” and lived my current lifestyle and you chose otherwise and do you find my way of less truth?

Have you ? Then you have no validity.

The truth need not debate with ignorance.

Simply pointing out the truth in the face of delusion is not an attack. Yet Mr. ignorance is stubborn and scared so threats to his delusional reality receive attack.

Attack is always a form of weakness and of fear.

Heaven or Hell ?

Choice ?

Reality… Love or Hate ?

Choice ?

©Louis J. Auslander 1/25/14

DSC_2923I stand on solid ground with eye to the sky.

I capture the moment of beauty in silence an awe.

So soft so smooth they blend light blue to pink and back again.

Have you ever seen a cotton candy colored sunrise?

Such a feast so sweet for the eyes.

Quench and warm my soul as I wake.

I wake to the dawning of a new day…

©Louis J. Auslander 1/24/14

It’s a very simple prioritization that started with “ME”.

The first priority is my diet and my health and wellness.

Once I made that my conviction and my first priority my real life

journey of truth began…

Life will support you when you support life…

©Louis J. Auslander 1/24/14

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

latest intel reports show as follows as the “Others” respond to help those that want a cure.


The cure is not having your body in a acidic state.

Which means eating alkaline foods.

Asking for a cure for our intake (diet, stress, media, electronics, air, etc…)

and our outlook (attitude towards situations in life )

is not sane thinking or in accordance with the universal health. ~universal intergalactic health commission

©Louis J.DSC_9447Auslander 1/23/14

Well, they do not know that is all. So they call it a theory. Cannot be proven by the limitation of the third dimensional scientific thought process. When you try to prove things within a science of limitation while in a universe without limitation your science is not on the same page as the maker. Real Natural Science always agrees with the universe and can be proven but I caution do not believe! For beliefs put limitations on your knowing. Being comfortable in knowing the unknown is a practice worth enduring. Denouncing or believing information is of no use accept if you are deciding to limit your mind to the absolute truth of the information(which may or may not be true) without the validity of ones experience. I certainly do see the potential irony and limitations that proof of truth based on experience may provide if seen as a concrete absolute belief. In my experiences in life I have grown to find more persistent truths through the non judging of the world I live in and the use of experience as a basis yet, I do not have to believe or not believe in anything. I can leave it… just like that… and certainly I would be the wiser for doing so as opposed to believing one way or the other based upon another mans views. So by suspending judgement… in the “Now” you can see beyond the limits of beliefs. Less believing and less doubting and more non judgmental viewing of life in the now will lead to more absolute truth. Some truths are just more certain than others that does not mean that they will always be true.