Experience, belief and doubt

Friday, January 17, 2014

Well, they do not know that is all. So they call it a theory. Cannot be proven by the limitation of the third dimensional scientific thought process. When you try to prove things within a science of limitation while in a universe without limitation your science is not on the same page as the maker. Real Natural Science always agrees with the universe and can be proven but I caution do not believe! For beliefs put limitations on your knowing. Being comfortable in knowing the unknown is a practice worth enduring. Denouncing or believing information is of no use accept if you are deciding to limit your mind to the absolute truth of the information(which may or may not be true) without the validity of ones experience. I certainly do see the potential irony and limitations that proof of truth based on experience may provide if seen as a concrete absolute belief. In my experiences in life I have grown to find more persistent truths through the non judging of the world I live in and the use of experience as a basis yet, I do not have to believe or not believe in anything. I can leave it… just like that… and certainly I would be the wiser for doing so as opposed to believing one way or the other based upon another mans views. So by suspending judgement… in the “Now” you can see beyond the limits of beliefs. Less believing and less doubting and more non judgmental viewing of life in the now will lead to more absolute truth. Some truths are just more certain than others that does not mean that they will always be true.

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