Mr. ignorance

Saturday, January 25, 2014

IMG_5014 ckanestudiosSaid to me by ignorance :”You have to die from something!”

Me : You have to live for something! The problem is ignorance tells me living is dying !?!?!

Ignorance says: kill yourself it will be fun try it slowly through chemical foods try alcohol, try drugs, try shallow relationships, try delusion upon delusion…, try not feeling more, try hardening from life , try pills for depression, try more and more to avoid, try losing all the time in every decision… try giving up.

Ignorance is abound and ready to attack. Come on… come on… down with me!

Ignorance: come on man what do you do for fun?

Me : I am fun! I am joy! I am love and I am life!
I do not have to do anything for fun.

Ignorance : Huh?

It’s safe to say we do not understand each other much anymore.

Ignorance wants delusion and is very defensive and ready to attack what it does not know.

I know ignorance well it seems having spent the majority of my life under its delusion.

Stubborn are we both!

Stubborn to stay the same are you Mr. ignorance?
attack the same! act the same, the faces change and maybe the names
but I know you to well Mr. ignorance.

And stubborn am I to constantly change, to flow with life, to be life, to support and be supported by life.

I am not at opposition with you Mr. ignorance.

I am not at war.

It is difficult to have respect for the disrespectful yet…

I have love for you. I Have compassion for you. I were you for more of my life than me. So believe me when I say I know you better than you know me. I forgive me and I forgive you the war is over!

Denouncing me as perhaps the “Mr. Ignorance” Mr ignorance would mean you have tried my “Now” and lived my current lifestyle and you chose otherwise and do you find my way of less truth?

Have you ? Then you have no validity.

The truth need not debate with ignorance.

Simply pointing out the truth in the face of delusion is not an attack. Yet Mr. ignorance is stubborn and scared so threats to his delusional reality receive attack.

Attack is always a form of weakness and of fear.

Heaven or Hell ?

Choice ?

Reality… Love or Hate ?

Choice ?

©Louis J. Auslander 1/25/14

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  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    This post keep me very interested..Loved it..Great job!! :0)~~

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