Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peaceful so(u)lutions start with You!

Some situations and people may be more challenging then others.

There are always peaceful soulutions Yet, if some are not willing to be fair

Then their own unfairness will be their own short coming. If someone is not willing

to see a situation from another perspective we must let them be. There is nothing

you can do to help a man that is not willing to share in peaceful thought and understanding.

If a man chooses only to see from a narrow scope he will never get the whole picture.

If a man chooses only to see from a wide scope he will never get the whole picture.

When she realizes and lives in such a way that she knows then… she is the whole picture!

Don’t tell me how bad the world is or how bad this person or situation is unless you

are willing to change your vision, pan from narrow to wide and back again look at

it from every way. Willingly try to see an understand it from others point of view. If you

are not willing to be humane and are only willing to attack what you consider the

enemy and opposition how can peace, love, and soulutions find their way to you?

Soulutions unite for the good of all and they stick up for the fairness of all.

Fairness starts with you being fair to a sometimes unfair world. The more you

are fair the more fair this world will be.

DSC_6789©Louis J. Auslander 1/26/14

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  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Louie You Share Love & Peace so Beautifully….Love You…..

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