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Tears fill my eyes when I feel kinship

Joy fills my heart when I feel kinship

My body becomes alive with life when i feel kinship

I know when I feel kinship.

My spirit smiles and fuels the world with love when i feel kinship

The spirit world fills me and fuels me when I feel kinship.

I feel kinship with all of women and men.

I feel kinship with all of the animal world.

I feel kinship with all of vegetation and of mother earth.

I feel kinship with all of this world.

I feel kinship with the clouds, the sun and all the stars and all of the universe.

When you know this you will know who you are and what you are in the universe.

You will know that there are no enemy that are not of you.

You will treat you with love and you will treat all that are of you with love.

We are…

We are the most powerful force in the universe…

We are all love and will always be forever all of us and everything…

© Louis J. Auslander 2/23/14

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

Micro snow, micro snow

What do you know?

Yo… yo… yo…

Up and down you go

Settling meddling

Below feet you go

Yo… yo… yo…

What do you know?

Dusty and rusty

Yo… yo… yo…

Let them go …

No fear to stow…

Full up the night

With your light and your glow

Yo… yo… yo…

The love is the flow

The way to go…

Yo … yo… yo…

© Louis J. Auslander 2/21/14

Monkeys, Monkeys,

Everywhere I see…

Out in a field is this a game do they deceive?

Vision… Vision… pure as can be…

What do they want?

Is it me? Is it me?

Secret door… secret world…

Slipped through and found.

Looking from above…

But not looking down.

Deals and wheels

Must be done clean…

Out in a field of monkeys in dreams

© Louis J. Auslander 2/19/14

We need peace officers in our society with special human skills that can

directly calm the minds and restore sanity to those that need it. It would

only be a temporary fix in an emergency/conflict situation or a situation

that is over stressed. Yet, when their calm was restored for those moments

they would be aware of their loss of sanity so would agree to do a program

that would truly help. Not forced non helping programs that do little good

but punish financially and otherwise. Truthfully deciding to be peaceful

and see the best of the world is a decision worth making.

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

© Louis J Auslander 2/15/14

There is no gift that is given to you that is not to be given away.

Nothing is to be hoarded as your own and not to be shared.

The expanding mind is of you and is of all to embrace with equality.

Your abundance is within, for the  sharing of all that is you with all.

The holding back, or half truths, or expressions of fear and insecurity are not you.

The love that underlines it all, the confidence to give all of you away and knowing

that you will not lack for self nor lack for anything is a true understanding to what

we are and have always been which is pure love.

Pure love the most powerful force in the universe that is what we are.

Embrace what we have always and will always be forever…

© Louis J. Auslander 2/14/14DSC_9254

I see no argument between science and god.

Manmade science sometimes argues with

Manmade bible or visa versa. You know from

the heart and there is where you connect to

the divine. Always a choice if you so choose.

I study much through scientific methods, I’ve

studied bibles and spiritual books these have

all been of great help in strengthening my

connections to the great spirit. Through my own

wholeness through what is truly me which is

soul I connect to the divine. Everything in the

world you see will help you connect to you and

your spirit if you choose to see in the best of light.

© Louis J. Auslander 2/6/14

The Olympics, I always liked those there are always miracles

during them. Watch for the miracles  and do not judge others.

That would be a test of your real ability to suspend judgement

so you can see the truth. Watch the beauty of these amazing

elite athletic humans you will see during the Olympics and see

them as that… as we all are Humans! Sure as heck cheer for your

country but lets not hate on others for if you do you will suffer for

your own doing. We need less suffering in this world and all

around which truly starts within each of us looking at life

through the best of our eyes. We must see through our hearts

and not be so easily offended and sent to seeing through

hate and fear. Our love is what we are and will ever be…

I wish the best to all the athletes from around the world we all

must know we are the Human race and we should all be that

to our best abilities and be very proud to do so! I love this land,

I love this earth, I love America I love the world, I love the universe!

Be Good and Kind to one another Enjoy Life! ~ A Human

© Louis J. Auslander 2/3/14