Games Of The Heart… Be Human…

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Olympics, I always liked those there are always miracles

during them. Watch for the miracles  and do not judge others.

That would be a test of your real ability to suspend judgement

so you can see the truth. Watch the beauty of these amazing

elite athletic humans you will see during the Olympics and see

them as that… as we all are Humans! Sure as heck cheer for your

country but lets not hate on others for if you do you will suffer for

your own doing. We need less suffering in this world and all

around which truly starts within each of us looking at life

through the best of our eyes. We must see through our hearts

and not be so easily offended and sent to seeing through

hate and fear. Our love is what we are and will ever be…

I wish the best to all the athletes from around the world we all

must know we are the Human race and we should all be that

to our best abilities and be very proud to do so! I love this land,

I love this earth, I love America I love the world, I love the universe!

Be Good and Kind to one another Enjoy Life! ~ A Human

© Louis J. Auslander 2/3/14

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