With Love For All…. For All Are Love…

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tears fill my eyes when I feel kinship

Joy fills my heart when I feel kinship

My body becomes alive with life when i feel kinship

I know when I feel kinship.

My spirit smiles and fuels the world with love when i feel kinship

The spirit world fills me and fuels me when I feel kinship.

I feel kinship with all of women and men.

I feel kinship with all of the animal world.

I feel kinship with all of vegetation and of mother earth.

I feel kinship with all of this world.

I feel kinship with the clouds, the sun and all the stars and all of the universe.

When you know this you will know who you are and what you are in the universe.

You will know that there are no enemy that are not of you.

You will treat you with love and you will treat all that are of you with love.

We are…

We are the most powerful force in the universe…

We are all love and will always be forever all of us and everything…

© Louis J. Auslander 2/23/14

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  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    We are all Love Louie. We were created from Great Love. This Love is to be shared to All.. Beautiful words Louie Love you..

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