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Those that look to find deception will find doubt.

Those that look to find truth will find truth.

Look to find truth do not look to find that

which deceives and prove it wrong.

For then you’ll find only deception.

Then your thoughts will be of deception.

Once you find truth you will have no need

to concern yourself with doubt or deception

for you will know truth.

Know truth and then you will know.

Truth and knowing will be your foundation.

© Louis J. Auslander 3/27/14

There is nothing outside of you that is going

to ever make you feel as good as truthfully

knowing who you are. For you are love and Joy

and when you know this you will know!

© Louis J. Auslander 3/26/14

Politically Correct ?

Yes, they will be in as of now.

Up to now they have not been in many ways.

Politicians in many aspects have been agenda,

liars and swayers of public opinion for selfish needs

Under the ruse of being for public safety and righteousness.

Is this P.C.?

Or was P.C. a way of promoting and pointing a finger and

saying you cannot say that?

Ok, so lets all start being L.C. (literally correct)

So now “making fun” is restored to it innocence.

What is wrong or could be wrong with “making fun”?

We are Joy and our birthright is to make life fun!

In the new L.C. system of life nothing is wrong with “making fun”

It is a shame and a sham that they took those words and made them

Into being malicious and offensive to others.

Now in L.C. they are restored to what they always have meant.

Do not be mean to others and “poke fun at them” as my Granny used to say.

Especially with a sharp edge or stick or blunt cutting knife.

For if you do you will cut yourself off from your own spirit.

But light hearted good spirited humor can make fun and is fun.

Always be sensitive to others feeling as you would be to your own.

For feelings and energy are what we are and what we have to share

with all. Kindness love and compassion do not mean void of humor.

For humor and laughter and Joy arh, arh God given way, are light and our love

To be shared  not questioned. Good humor is of God and is hilariously more

Funny then being rude and inconsiderate or condescending

and side handedly offensive. Love is all around…

Enjoy and laugh in a good way throughout your day  !

© Louis J. Auslander 3/26/14

I had found my way to the bottom and I yelled as if it was the top.

I used to know better some might say,

But now I know not to stop.

If you see me rolling on the earth and loving up the sun.

If you see me bare and open hearted winded on the run.

Smile as big and fill as all of life can be,

Will you try to kick me down or throw a punch at me?

It won’t really matter much more for I found my way to the top.

No need to yell down from below I know not to ever stop…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/21/14

I used to get real upset at them cutting down trees

in my neighborhood so much so that it ruined part

of my day. How can people be so insensitive? How do

they not understand what the heck they are doing to

this planet? Why do they cut down 100 year old trees

as if they have that right? What gives them that right?

Why do they think they can control nature and know better?

Then at some point I realized what I have always known

nature wins! Nature cannot lose ! Nature is the most powerful

force and will survive. Nature is life! Now man has to wise up.

Man has to realize his role in this world. Man has to stop

cutting himself off from his own source of life. Man will

learn One way or another. Nature will win and we are of nature.

I still get upset when I see such ignorance and lack of caring for the land

as we should. Yet, I do not let it ruin parts of my day.

I find where it is winning and I see that everywhere.

I see the good more and more! The divine universe assures me

with great strength and confidence that it will persist and it will win!

Nature and life persist and it persist in all of us and all around all of us.

I am reminded of the truth of life being ever lasting when I realize

that death is not the opposite of life. Death is an opposite of birth.

Birth is happening all the time as is death these are all part of life.

Life is ever lasting and will and cannot ever not be…

© Louis J. Auslander

I’m glad I can never be whatever I used to be.

Today I wake up and find anew way to a new day.

Is it strange that I change like every way everyday?

Seems over flowing not knowing where I’m going…

Free to find myself each and every day.

God says, “It’s more than ok he’s loving my way…”

He knows it’s more than over flowing he gives me the keys…

She takes me out exploring…

Oh, It’s not boring…

There’s no storing for we’re free to go and dance on through the day…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/10/14

Do you know that the sun rose exactly when it was supposed to today?

Did no one tell it that man had decided to change time?

Do you think nature listens to man or should man listen to nature?

Fortunate for me I had perfect timing to get to a locale where I could see the

sun relatively close to the horizon, beyond the city building noise that kinda

got in the way yet… I found a way to gaze at the sun for 20 min.

Do you think I will go blind?

Will I fill up with light and float away?

I do know one thing, monitors and tv’s hurt my eyes but the sun if done at the

proper time and with practice I think helps me in many ways.

We shall see or not see but we certainly will not see much if we listen to those

that do not know and just say what they have been told to say and do.

For those that act and play the scenes.

The nones with list…

Oh, so obscene.

For hearts of true have found their way…

We welcome you…

To the dawn…

Of a new day…

No feather fast or confessional.

Now burning past congressional.

The puppet pullers whom thought ruled strings.

Were torn apart all at the seams.

No fear we care and sew we will.

Upon you stare and trembling nil.

Will help you out and erase your doubt….

The holy spirit is all about…

Believe or not no matter still…

The time you spent …

Is time we will…

Forgiveness now will pay the bill.

So at last …

You will soon know…

Forgive your past

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

And let love flow…

© LouisJ.Auslander 2014

” Oh, the sides ….”

“Yes, sir what sides would you like with that?”

“There are no sides.”

“So you would like no sides with that?”

“It does not matter if I choose sides or not there are no sides”

“So you would like no sides?”

“I like the truth and within the truth there are no sides”

“So that will be one of the truthful happiest meals with no sides”

“Yes, there are no sides. There is the almighty truth”

“Ok, sir if you will so kindly pull up to the next window …”

“Is there any other way?”

“Excuse me sir your meal awaits you at the next window please pull up”

© Louis J. Auslander  3/6/14

We have love on our side.

Most of us should know so we can grow and not hide.

We have foolish pride.

Most of us should know so we can let that fool die.

Oh, not entirely gone that might be wrong

A whole other song where we all sing along.

We might want to make a stand remember you’re the man.

Should we forget about others plan?

Yet, would we feel the force of the land?

Would we feel our breath when we clam,

From the force of the hand?

Do we answer or ask?

Do we live by each task?

Do we wonder or blast?

How long do you last?

If you want sanity…



Connect to the divinity…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/6/14