Eyes On The Rising Son…

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Do you know that the sun rose exactly when it was supposed to today?

Did no one tell it that man had decided to change time?

Do you think nature listens to man or should man listen to nature?

Fortunate for me I had perfect timing to get to a locale where I could see the

sun relatively close to the horizon, beyond the city building noise that kinda

got in the way yet… I found a way to gaze at the sun for 20 min.

Do you think I will go blind?

Will I fill up with light and float away?

I do know one thing, monitors and tv’s hurt my eyes but the sun if done at the

proper time and with practice I think helps me in many ways.

We shall see or not see but we certainly will not see much if we listen to those

that do not know and just say what they have been told to say and do.

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