Nature of Life…

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I used to get real upset at them cutting down trees

in my neighborhood so much so that it ruined part

of my day. How can people be so insensitive? How do

they not understand what the heck they are doing to

this planet? Why do they cut down 100 year old trees

as if they have that right? What gives them that right?

Why do they think they can control nature and know better?

Then at some point I realized what I have always known

nature wins! Nature cannot lose ! Nature is the most powerful

force and will survive. Nature is life! Now man has to wise up.

Man has to realize his role in this world. Man has to stop

cutting himself off from his own source of life. Man will

learn One way or another. Nature will win and we are of nature.

I still get upset when I see such ignorance and lack of caring for the land

as we should. Yet, I do not let it ruin parts of my day.

I find where it is winning and I see that everywhere.

I see the good more and more! The divine universe assures me

with great strength and confidence that it will persist and it will win!

Nature and life persist and it persist in all of us and all around all of us.

I am reminded of the truth of life being ever lasting when I realize

that death is not the opposite of life. Death is an opposite of birth.

Birth is happening all the time as is death these are all part of life.

Life is ever lasting and will and cannot ever not be…

© Louis J. Auslander

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