Politically Correct part 1

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Politically Correct ?

Yes, they will be in as of now.

Up to now they have not been in many ways.

Politicians in many aspects have been agenda,

liars and swayers of public opinion for selfish needs

Under the ruse of being for public safety and righteousness.

Is this P.C.?

Or was P.C. a way of promoting and pointing a finger and

saying you cannot say that?

Ok, so lets all start being L.C. (literally correct)

So now “making fun” is restored to it innocence.

What is wrong or could be wrong with “making fun”?

We are Joy and our birthright is to make life fun!

In the new L.C. system of life nothing is wrong with “making fun”

It is a shame and a sham that they took those words and made them

Into being malicious and offensive to others.

Now in L.C. they are restored to what they always have meant.

Do not be mean to others and “poke fun at them” as my Granny used to say.

Especially with a sharp edge or stick or blunt cutting knife.

For if you do you will cut yourself off from your own spirit.

But light hearted good spirited humor can make fun and is fun.

Always be sensitive to others feeling as you would be to your own.

For feelings and energy are what we are and what we have to share

with all. Kindness love and compassion do not mean void of humor.

For humor and laughter and Joy arh, arh God given way, are light and our love

To be shared  not questioned. Good humor is of God and is hilariously more

Funny then being rude and inconsiderate or condescending

and side handedly offensive. Love is all around…

Enjoy and laugh in a good way throughout your day  !

© Louis J. Auslander 3/26/14

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