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Is your lawn perfect?

Bio diversity is perfection.

Several kinds of grass and plant life along with so called weeds

and wild flowers should occupy a perfect plot. Do you have such?

Do you spay weed killers homemade or otherwise thinking you


A spring surprise appears some purple wild flowers!

know better than nature?

Do you get a service that sprays to make your

lawn green and ruins the bio diverse perfection to

replace it with your version of perfection?

So you know perfection huh?

Work with nature not against it then…

you will know perfection.

I mow my lawn, I trim and primp here and there but I try my best and

succeed in working with nature making for quite an array of varied plant

life. Numerous species of ground cover full the land and that is a show nature

chose to do. It is perfection and full of surprises from year to year new wild flowers

show up, new types of grass and plant life all working together symbiotically

creating this wonderful perfection! This bio diversity attracts all sorts of

animals and insects that are visible to the senses and what is not seen in the way

of smaller living organisms are also at work in this perfection that is life! Get out of

the way and let nature create that perfect lawn! Tending to the land in ways of

preserving its unique bio diversity should be a priority in lawn care a service

where less is more, this will serve you and Mother Earth for the highest good!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/30/14

A reflection on past habits…

I’ve heard of people referring to days or meals as cheat meals.

They should be called cheating yourself days and meals really.

Why do that?


Reward myself with earth’s finest fruits!

Not saying I’ve never abused myself with food,

just saying I pray I know better

and that Divine intervention will stop me in the act…
If I ever attempt to not show love towards myself.
I forgive me for over eating or making poor food choices.
But over eating is really a violent act of self sabotage.
Not a day of dedication as if “cheat day ” is a reward?!?!?
Nahh… I don’t think so!
I will reward myself kindly and with love not with abusive eating!

Back to the garden for more of earth’s wisdom…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/28/14

“Soul Searching…” not so

Broken distraction on the go…

We do not search for what we are.

We break the routine of what we are not.

We listen and answer to what we are and have always been.

We avoid the voice that has no choice but to be a slave to its routine of mundane.

We’re alive not intoxicated on food, drink and medicines that leave us empty and disconnected.

We do not look to these escapes from ourselves we love ourselves.

You deserve to love yourself not abuse through food substances that leave you less connected to you.

Look forward to being you! Many times digesting less will bring you closer to you rather than

identifying with your weekend substance foods and drinks and such that take you away from you and life.

The search is over you are above it all not hidden underneath what is not you anymore and truthfully never was.

You are free or you are a prisoner of your own making.

Do you identify with what does not serve your soul?

Do you identify that which does not serve your vehicle(body)?

Do you identify with that which does not serve your mind?

Identify with your soul for it is you!

Listen it knows more than you can possibly ever think!


You are Soul!

The search is as simple as taking away what you are not,

Then the soul you are and have always been will shine through…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/23/14

The chosen ones are not picked from a list nor

plucked from a tree. Their roots run deep dug in

with truth and persistence their wholeness

connects them with the divinity of the mother.

Their limbs reach out far and wide like antennas.

Their frequencies encompass the wholeness of

the mother stretching out over her surface. Information

is received from within roots and from the universe which

engages them through the starlight’s beamed upon

them throughout time and space they choose their place.

Born of equality we all have a choice to choose to be

and live our purpose rise to our highest potential or

to remain a prisoner by are own doings and

chosen lack of awareness.

Louis J. Auslander 5/22/14

Oh, it’s easier to not think when busy physically

more challenging to not think when still.

The thing about running(for me) though or anything

that takes you to the not thinking phase is you can

practice that then in other areas of life.

Art and all creativity i would say is best done

when not thinking. I’m not saying no thinking goes

into it but at some point if you let thought go…

and just flow…

Miracles happen and that is worth experiencing.

Amazing yourself is amazing!

You deserve the best!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/8/14

It’s not a matter of fighting disease.

It is a matter of creating ease.

Ease of digestion.

Ease of assimilation.

Ease of elimination.

Ease of mind.

Ease of body.

Ease of emotion.

Ease of stress.

Concentrate on making ease in your life.

We fight the fight by focusing on our health and keeping and making it simple.

The body will heal the body it truthfully is all that has ever healed it.

Stop hating and empowering disease.

Stop embracing and identifying with it.

You are not your disease you are health.

Focus on you and the all powerful love that you are.

Create ease in your life through your diet and your thoughts this will allow for your body to heal itself!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/1/14