Cheat Meal !?!?!?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A reflection on past habits…

I’ve heard of people referring to days or meals as cheat meals.

They should be called cheating yourself days and meals really.

Why do that?


Reward myself with earth’s finest fruits!

Not saying I’ve never abused myself with food,

just saying I pray I know better

and that Divine intervention will stop me in the act…
If I ever attempt to not show love towards myself.
I forgive me for over eating or making poor food choices.
But over eating is really a violent act of self sabotage.
Not a day of dedication as if “cheat day ” is a reward?!?!?
Nahh… I don’t think so!
I will reward myself kindly and with love not with abusive eating!

Back to the garden for more of earth’s wisdom…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/28/14

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