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I used to think I fought against myself and it was a fight.

“Do this it’s better for me” or “Don’t do that it’s no good for me”.

I gave up that fight and realized what it really was.

I was fighting against what was not me yet it was a habit that I thought was me.

Fighting never got rid of what was not me it kept it where it was.

Giving up the fight and simply letting go of what was not me

was the easy way out of what was never me.

Simply put let it go and what is left is you!

It has been a year now since I touched alcohol it has been effortless not even a

problem at all it was easy I have no issues for or against it, there is no fight.

How often have you fought a dietary habit that is not in your best interest?

Or a behavior in a relationship that never led to resolve but led to the

same old scenerio of discontent no matter how much you fought it?

We attract what we fight and then we are many times caught in a quandary

loop of discontent with no resolve. Frustration insues and we fight harder

which further attracts the fight.

This leads to more fight and less peace with no resolve.

I was not and could not be anything that does not serve the highest of my being.

There is no fight worth fighting I’m stronger than that and so are you!

Serve your higher self let go of all that is not you and share the beauty that is you

with the world!

© Louis J. Auslander 7/19/14

There were these low lives that thought they were above it all.

For years perhaps decades they put down those they felt were below them.

Oh, if you did not work as much as them or have as much materials or live your

every waking hour for capitol gains you were not of their caliber. You were clearly

below them and were to be put into categories by them looked down upon, treated

as their inferiors. Feelings huh? they had little feelings for they were low lives.

High lives those that are heeding to the highest of spirit those that are at the

highest of their beings put feelings of others and themselves as the highest and

top priority. Feelings and sincere relationships are of top priority for a high life yet a

low life uses manipulation and control, uses a “me” first mentality, uses the world

for their own personal gain and puts this as their priority. If you use the “New World” in which we

now live you will feel used . If you give to the “New World ” we now live in you will receive.

Many are frustrated as of late because they are attempting to use old dark world ways in the

“New World”. The good news is you can always change your ways and the sooner the better. If

you are just for yourself and your family and your political group and your religion and your

nationality or your sex , or any grouping or alienating of others or of the world rather than being

for all the world you are fighting a war within and your freedom and peace of mind is dependent

on you being a high life and answering to whom you truly are which is a soul of higher purpose.

Relinquish your suffering and let go of what you are not for your own peace of mind. You deserve the

best as does the world! Peace and love to All Forever…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/18/14

The hardest thing to do may be to change your mind.

Despite how difficult it may be it is much better than living

in a mind that is not at peace. You owe it to yourself to live

in a world of peace and love. That world starts within your mind.

Break free of what we are not an become whom we have always been.

Change is not about becoming something new it is about becoming

comfortable in being whom you have always been.

Take away the hate, take away the fear, take away any addictions

or behaviors that do not serve you in your highest form.

Chop away at what you are not and then you will find whom

you have always been. A true warrior will find that he was his

own enemy. Being the peace and love that is your birthright

and true existence will clear away what you are not in doing so

finding the pure love that you have always been and will

forever be…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/10/14

In a world of conflict being at peace takes effort.

It takes a willingness to stay grounded and true to what you really are.

The more we learn to be that peace in which we are and remain

centered the more peace is projected from our beings into the world of conflict.

The more inner peace you claim and be the more peace there is around you.

Peace starts with you!

A quote I’ve seen outside a church says it well:

“You Truly Are the Savior of the World”

© Louis J. Auslander 7/3/14