Successfully Letting Go…

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I used to think I fought against myself and it was a fight.

“Do this it’s better for me” or “Don’t do that it’s no good for me”.

I gave up that fight and realized what it really was.

I was fighting against what was not me yet it was a habit that I thought was me.

Fighting never got rid of what was not me it kept it where it was.

Giving up the fight and simply letting go of what was not me

was the easy way out of what was never me.

Simply put let it go and what is left is you!

It has been a year now since I touched alcohol it has been effortless not even a

problem at all it was easy I have no issues for or against it, there is no fight.

How often have you fought a dietary habit that is not in your best interest?

Or a behavior in a relationship that never led to resolve but led to the

same old scenerio of discontent no matter how much you fought it?

We attract what we fight and then we are many times caught in a quandary

loop of discontent with no resolve. Frustration insues and we fight harder

which further attracts the fight.

This leads to more fight and less peace with no resolve.

I was not and could not be anything that does not serve the highest of my being.

There is no fight worth fighting I’m stronger than that and so are you!

Serve your higher self let go of all that is not you and share the beauty that is you

with the world!

© Louis J. Auslander 7/19/14

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