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I would say at a deeper level of understanding there are

no negative emotions really. Just are inability to

understand them and on how to feel certain ones or

transmute them into a what we might associate with a

“positive form of energy.” For energy is energy and once

we learn and perhaps unlearn how to better deal with it

we can then utilize it in any of its forms for the

betterment of us and those around us. Mastering the

mind, mastering the energy field you occupy this seems

like work worth doing and developing a better

understanding as a helpful way for your personal

wellness and all of those you encounter.

© Louis J. Auslander 3/30/15

~ 3 rules a statement and a quib ~

3 – rules which i might change tomorrow if i feel like it.

1) My rules of grammar “i” need not be capitalized.

2) Writing an art form.

3) No authority or rules for art.

ART Defined !?!?!

Art- usage can be but not limited to being an attempt at expressing and sharing what may not be able to readily be put into words in a straight forward logical sense. Emotions may be the root of understanding yet words cannot come close to explaining feelings so art often used to try to convey such.

Art- cannot be defined!

© Louis J. Auslander 3/29/15

Ask of what troubles your mind, body or soul ? The

answers will arrive if you leave it as such. Ask and know

that you will receive. Knowing means no waiting the

answers may take time or may not,  this be not of

your concern for authentically they will arrive when they

are supposed to in whatever way they are supposed to

through any living means of transmission. Stress, anxiety,

anticipation, fear or a host of other non peaceful

mindsets may impede delivery of your answers.

Remaining throughout your days in a calm presence will

enrich you with lives messages and lessons in moment to


© Louis J. Auslander 3/27/15