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“I don’t Know”

I say those words often and when i do…

often the answers arise when needed.

In truth it seems the more comfortable i am with not knowing…

the more knowledge comes to me when needed.

© Louis J. Auslander 4/29/15












Whomever “they” are they have no permission or authority over us to do so. We do not give them that permission.”they ” will unlearn and relearn as will We. For they are part of “We” as well.

The idea that there is a “they” that give us rights or take away rights is absurd thinking.

We are all one there is no separation of us and them this the delusion.

It’s a house of cards which is dependent on your believing in outside authority.

It’s the wizard of oz with all the power that We choose to give to it.

There is an always has been truly too many to govern and control by the few.

Yet, the “they”(which are controlled by their choice of fear also) have been able to imprison others  by them deciding to choose fear rather

than love also as their choice of thought.

We can choose love!

We can choose again!

We can choose to embrace the true power of the universe.

We can choose to see us all as one as we truly are all connected.

“they” are “us” as well.

We are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 4/22/15

Very different times than most have experienced in this lifetime.

The truth will set us all free and give us the courage to act and live accordingly.

Much of the; news, advertisements, sales and persuasions of thought

still have their basis in fear and insecurity. Once we fully break from that

mindset individually as more and more are doing daily that

house of cards will crumble.  Many that think they are vested in

such may fight as the peaceful will persist and pay them no mind

in many ways. Those that fight will be set free when they choose to

give up the fight. There will be much conversion to peaceful ways

and the sooner the better for all will be…

We all have a choice in every moment choosing love will set us free.

Do your part. Know you are loved. Know you have the strength and

support of legions of angels. With this we all move forward into the Known world.

© Louis J. Auslander 4//19/15

My ability to endure is uncanny.

I’ve made some of the same mistakes so many times in my life.

I do know that i eventually learn.

Sometimes i wonder why the heck i would make the same mistakes so many times for sometimes it seemed like i learned nothing knew.

I prefer not to judge myself anymore nor get down on myself no matter what i do.

I’ve learned that!

With that i can make the best of any situation.

Nothing is really ever that painful yet when we add fear and guilt and shame or any other additive that makes matters worse we increase are pain substantially.

That said there is still always a price to pay if you break the natural laws of nature.

I can choose to go through pain peacefully.

I always deserve the best and to love myself with all my actions.

p.s. Spell check states : The pronoun “i”should always be capitalized. Consider “I” instead

I’ve considered and stated : “i” will mention this again “i” does not have to be
capitalized anymore i changed the rules of english “We” does though always. 🙂

© Louis J. Auslander 4/15/15


I especially like my tee shirts and jeans that are 10 years plus old

they become so soft and part of me yet the holes that resemble

the styles were earned and eventually are their undoing as they

unravel to not being wearable. New clothes do not fit right even

if they fit perfectly so to speak. Crisp and starched, perfect and pleated,

stiff and itchy. As a child I never liked knew clothes really they were

not mine yet they did not feel right. Sun faded hats, hole filled tees,

ripped and frayed jeans yeah that’s real that’s for me!

Lived in clothes real and they show and share the worn in years!

More buying of clothes from garage sales and thrift stores makes

sense to me as well. For they are pre worn ready to go if I find

a right fit and feel to them then they are knew to me.

Your own style can be established rather than following the latest trends.

In not supporting big corporations, avoiding taxes through person to person

swapping and selling and much cheaper prices also not supporting child

labor and sweat shops We help more with our clothes choices!

Making a difference with our choices is the best we can do!

© Louis J. Auslander 4/10/15

The belief in opposition untrue.

The belief foolishly as if the moon is in opposition of the sun untrue.

The belief that women and men are opposite untrue.

The belief there is opposite of night and day untrue.

The belief in the way we were programed to think untrue.

The belief in separation untrue.

Go back far enough into remembering whom we were before we knew whom we were.

We have needs to return and know that We are one.

Return to the love! We are love in knowing so you will know opposition be it the delusion.

Louis J. Auslander 4/8/15


Pain is one thing, suffering is another.  I push through certain amounts of pain when I run.

Suffering or adding negative thoughts or emotions to your pain, is adding more pain to a

unpleasant situation. When I run, it is important to feel different levels of pain, without it I would not know

what to do. I would not know wether to continue and push through or to stop, if I did  not become intune

with my bodies signals of pain. The same is true in life and in painful situations. It is as important for me to feel

emotional and mental pain as it is for me to feel pleasure. Running has taught me to feel the moment in the moment.

In  a sense it has taught me to standstill, to not run from feelings of pain but  to feel them. When I feel pain I do not run for

some booze  or food  or a smoke. I learn to feel it and let it go. Avoiding feelings with substances or just plain mental avoidance

can only lead to unresovled issues within ourselves. Thus leading to more pain. I  listen to it and what it is telling me . Is it telling me to stop?

Or should I push through? Pushing the boundries of  the pain/pleasure thresholds in either direction allows me to devulge  into deeper

understandings of life and of me.

When changing or learning, we are traveling into uncharted territory. We are making new routes, rewiring our brains is what I like to call it.

This takes breaking connections and making new connections. During transition we have one foot on the shore and one foot in the water so to speak.

There  will be tendecies to play it safe and and stick to the old patterns even if we  know them to be more harmful for us.

The body is an animal and has instincts to play it safe, to stick to it’s routines, which is great if your doing the best for yourself

and you have developed healthy habits. Yet, if you are transitioning from poor habits to good habits then this wiring has to be overrun.

There will be times when we are making great leaps into the new healthy habits and then times when the old habits resurface. There will be times

we overide the impuses to act out on the old habits and times when we give into the impulses. This is all part of the process, persisitency is

the key. Learning always has mistakes and set backs in it. The rewiring does not occur over night, after-all you did not develop bad habits

over night they were wired and hardwired over time. The good news is in my experience it takes expotentially less time to rewire them

then the time you spent indulging in the bad habit.

I push harder and harder as I run sometimes not knowing how much more I can give… but I give. Each time I stretch

my limits and cover new ground, I advance. There is pain but I do not add suffering. I add optomism more times then not.

I know it’s going to get better if I persist so I persist. The same was true when I battled my through bad habits. I knew

in my deepest of despare that things were going to get better. I needed to persist. At times when quitting harsh

physically,mentally and emotionally addicting substances it would have been much easier to give up, to give in, yet

I knew if I persist things would get better. At times when running the same is true. It would seem easier, reasonable and logical

to just stop . Afterall who is going to know? The answer is you are. You are going to know that you did not push on that you

gave in. This may happen or may not happen at times, if it does it further drives me to drive harder next time when I am

in that situation. I mostly drive through. I have pushed these thresholds many of times and to stop at the first sign of

pain or signal to stop would have served myself a grave injustice. These decisions are made in the moment. I have a plan

(the minds idea)when I train or in certain workouts just as I have a plan when changing diet or any other bad habits I may have. That’s

just it it is a “plan”. In the moment is when the decisions are made they may agree with the plan or they may not. It is important

to listen to thr body in the moment. Not the mind as much, the mind may tell you to quit when you should keep on. The mind may tell you

to keep on when you should quit. The body, the instincts, know best. With great interest when I push my running, I listen to the body.

I ask questions should I continue on? I diregard what the mind might say, the ego might try to  encourage me to push on despite any pain feedback.

This I feel can lead to serious injury. Avoidance of pain and the “no pain no gain mantra” can cause you considerable more pain then needed.

The mind can overide the bodies signals at times if you let it but at what cost? Adversly, if I am to quit at the first sign of pain signal to the mind

there is no advancement there are no limits being pushed. Listening to th ebody works the best. The little signals of pain are warnigns to listen yet, proceed with caution.

These often occur when just starting to warm  up they are blips.




Welcome to my awakening said the Sun

to the Moon who had

Sunken behind the horizon and into the

Night with a fading good by…

~L.J.A.(circa 2005-2007)
Everything I need to see is right here in front of me…
Everything I need not here

is floating in my rear view mirror…

~L.J.A.(circa 2005-2007)


We feed off of each other.

Lets serve each other plates of love and compassion

as wisdom and knowledge flow to and fro sustaining us with courage and

strength to serve our highest needs of sharing, love and learning.

~ Louis J. Auslander 4/3/15
© Louis J. Auslander 4/4/15

Fail !?!?!?! I don’t even want to define such a thing.

I do not identify in anyway with failure. I do not know of failure.

I had more to learn I never seen it as failure. ~Louis J. Auslander


We feed off of each other. Lets serve each other plates of love and compassion

as wisdom and knowledge flow to and fro sustaining us with courage and

strength to serve our highest needs of sharing, love and learning.
~ Louis J. Auslander


Amazing the things I have found in alleys!

It’s like the urban free aisle at a store if there was such an aisle at the store.~ Louis J. Auslander


© Louis J. Auslander 4/1/15

As pluto an uranus square off it is an ideal time within

the universe to settle our issues within us if we choose.

As issues are brought to the forefront and if we are

mindful and conscious of ourselves this review period

can offer us much growth.

Not easy and maybe very challenging to see ourselves

and review our own actions as to why life seems so

frustrating during these periods. Many people and

situations may seem to be not going with us and perhaps

we feel attacked at times. We can choose to look at this

differently. We can choose to take more responsibility

and not take what others vent on us as our problems or

someone to fight against. For these are their issues and

ours are ours and the reason their issues are coming at

us is we have something in us that is attracting them. So

mind our own do not take such personally and let are

actions be one of compassion and love towards others

and towards ourself. There is no real communication in

anger or in fighting. Yet, when we choose to care for those

whom actions maybe attacking and unjust we reach their

heart and we reach ours and together we make it better

and we embrace the miracle of love which is always so.

Remembering who we truly are; and that is ”love”, is what

we all have a need for. Help those who need it and you

will have helped the universe and you will receive as you

give. Much love to all and lets take care of ourselves and

one another!

©Louis J. Auslander 4/1/15