“They” are taking our rights away!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015












Whomever “they” are they have no permission or authority over us to do so. We do not give them that permission.”they ” will unlearn and relearn as will We. For they are part of “We” as well.

The idea that there is a “they” that give us rights or take away rights is absurd thinking.

We are all one there is no separation of us and them this the delusion.

It’s a house of cards which is dependent on your believing in outside authority.

It’s the wizard of oz with all the power that We choose to give to it.

There is an always has been truly too many to govern and control by the few.

Yet, the “they”(which are controlled by their choice of fear also) have been able to imprison others  by them deciding to choose fear rather

than love also as their choice of thought.

We can choose love!

We can choose again!

We can choose to embrace the true power of the universe.

We can choose to see us all as one as we truly are all connected.

“they” are “us” as well.

We are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 4/22/15

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