Tie One On?

Thursday, May 21, 2015


tieWhere did the foolish idea of wearing a tie around your neck come from? It really does seem absolutely insane and serves zero purpose that I know of. Wonder who was the first person to wear one? If ever in a fight or being attacked situation and have one of those around your neck it seems to be a very vulnerable spot to have such a thing. A symbolic form of corporate control perhaps? Separation from the working class? Fashion and to cover your buttons? Imagine if they made laws that you could not wear ties no more? I mean they are very dangerous I would say. I’ve heard of laws in certain towns that you cannot where sagging pants. Not that I would endorse wearing your pants like that for it seems highly unfunctional but the point is people can dress how they like. We do not need laws on this. Uniforms what are they good for separation from others? Forming of teams against your brothers and showing of force and separation? Really no unity in uniforms as a whole. You want unity perhaps we ditch the clothes all together. Get real be naked if we choose and start not looking at the body as though it is something of shame or sexual or something that needs to be hidden. Oh, we’re far behind as a species I say we need to grow up. Imagine the laugh other planets inhabitants get when they think of the foolish antics we humans on earth do. Ahh … I do not drink so i guess every once in a while I need a rant or to “Tie one on” as they say. So today I rant on clothing.

©Louis J. Auslander 5/21/15

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