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DSC_9256It’s really a big deal to change and break bad habits for yourself. This takes much self work which I know first hand but not really an accomplishment. Ok so you quit smoking or you quit drinking or heroin, meds, or coffee or anything that was of harm to you. Now you’re doing what? What new have you made of yourself? What new are you doing and bringing into the world? Not as much about leaving the old you, but more so about creating a new you. This I am interested in. We may look back on what we have done to say, “Ok we have come along way…” But lets keep moving forward I give no fucks if I were to step into an A.A. meeting and they gave me a yearly pin for doing what I should always be doing taking care of myself with love and care.

Move forward create a new you no medals or awards for taking care of yourself doing so is the reward! So lets not look back and be proud for what we no longer do lets look forward into what we are doing now to make ourselves and the world better! Now keep moving forward! You’ve done that and its behind you now lets keep moving on…

A dear friend sent me a card when I had quit smoking for a year and said congrats on that accomplishment and some other words of praise for my doing so which was very nice and sweet of her. But what sticks out the most was the love she had sent me all along and the final question she left me with which was,
“What’s next?”

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