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What if we needed each other to achieve true potential?

What if the more we understood the more we would be in cooperation with one another?

Choosing no enemies makes for better understanding and more peace.

How you think?

How your mind works?

What you do?

Are far less important than knowing how you feel. Knowing how to feel and understand yourself and your surrounding life forms.

Building the strongest of instincts and knowing you’re always there.

Time misuse adds to the delusion of time and thus to the bodies aging.

Take care in the now.

Loving yourself more today than yesterday in the now, undefined and timeless gets me closer to where I’m already at. That sentence reminds me of being a baby and a master communicator before we even deluded anything outside the original settings. Only a made up memory though. A fallacy that could only be an attempt at what could be achieved but not original perceived in those words or any words. Pure knowledge bliss. I know you have been there.

Nothing wrong with words they are attempts to explain the unexplainable and then we have different arts for those that want to further confuse or explain or try to share something. So much addition to what may be better off deduced. It was simply enough. Go speak with the mother go listen to what the earth and its inhabitants have to say. Simply listen to the truth. If there be confusion then know you are not simply listening.

Thought I had something to say… Then I felt out some words and let them lay…

Enjoy Your Moments! 🙂

© Louis J. Auslander 12/1/15