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Friday, February 26, 2016

DSC_9256Half truths just wont do it people .

This a day of the new age of love and truth…

Tell me your enemies, tell me what you fear, tell me whom you feel against,

tell me and together we will go at them with love.

Willingness to break down our delusions. Willingness to take on our fears.

Willingness to settle for nothing less than that which real and of truth.

I pray for our politicians local and throughout the rank and file system.

I pray for them to lead from the heart.

I pray for them to have the courage to do what truly inline with good and love.

I pray for them to see true and have the courage to live from thier hearts with truth

and honor to the natural system of the universe which we are all part of.

The manmade system not inline with nature it is breaking and this not easy times for those that ride the fence.

Save your soul this will outlast this lifetime and your duties to yourself and all of man and all the living goes well beyond this manmade system.

Much Love and courage is with you on your journey…

The universe has your back move on with love and courage…

© Louis J. Auslander 2/26/16

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