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Egos fall… They fall in what they think would be love.  We rise in love …. When we love unconditionally we rise and rise and rise….

I rise in love with you unconditionally …

No games, no lies, no tricks, no tries.

Know love… Know gains… Know minds…. No pains….

The heart will not lie. The heart will be honest and if we choose to come from the heart it will never be broken for it will be strengthened and it will grow.

Open up and know your true strength.

Know truth and you will know what not of truth but this does not harm the heart it only seems to harm you for it harms the ego that has expectations and desires outside of the hearts true desire which that of unconditional love. You’re not your ego. We’re love!

There’s no fall that not worth the rise. Let fall away … what not you and full that empty space with the love that you have always been and are part of. Love heals all and we are love…

Receive our gifts today with an open heart and cherish this day that we are blessed to have!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/27/16

Wake up and go directly to the garden this was my calling today.

Much of the time Meditation first thing in the morning.

Sometimes walk out in nature.

Sometimes wake an run.

Sometimes wake and intuitive yoga/meditation.

For many years it was wake and bake if you know what I mean.

That not spiritual. That does not make you calm or get you closer to your path. That a diversion, that a trick and a trap as it sedates you from life.

Oh, Mr 420 where have you gone?

Who Me?

I took my Birthday back.

Staraight as an arrow on a laser love light path…

Ba zing…. better than buzzing ….

Let the day begin …

© Louis J. Auslander 6/24/16

IMG_1090_2As deeper and deeper cleansing occurs and all remnants of past chemicals are coming to the surface of mind, body and soul and being released I often get glimpses or sensational memories of flavors or scents or emotional responses of these chemicals as if they are bidding farewell and presenting a final parting gift as they leave…

No urge to re taste such or re-enact as if a craving for, just a good by as it will no longer be a part of me. I find it very interesting for some of these foods from say the 70’s or 80’s are not the same now even if i wanted them to be. They do not exist in most cases as the same even if the packaging the same. I went through a phase or two in my 20’s and perhaps again  in my  30’s when i would try to relive some of them childhood taste and even if the same products were around in many cases the chemicals they used had changed so they were never the same or i had also changed so the experience was not the same. When this phenomenon of deep cleanse occurs though it the same so i enjoy the farewell and make the space in me for the knew me being made of natures fruit from the earth. Each bite of live food becoming me … Becoming and making me more alive then I could ever have been without what each cell of me truly desires … Each cell welcoming the new and letting go of the old replacing with superior cell from the living… Restoring youth and vitality with every bite… I do the whole process with love and enjoy the growth and evolving of myself…

© Louis J. Auslander 6/23/16

The civil war a farce as both sides were funded by the elitist and methods for the

bankers/elitist in power to gain more control over there newly acquired land.

Make all slaves to their colonization. No true freedom was to be.

Establish more industry over the vast land and control over the masses.

Establish rail for the grain that would be the food to establish slaves to the grain

and provide mass transport of goods and gold to go back to the religious sanctum,

queen and those elitist in power.  Demolish the natives and their free living ideals

also any whites that came here with or developed such ideals. Establish a religion and force that upon the masses.

These were the goals of those in charge. Get all the gold and spices,  fruits, furs , cotton, natural resources,  etc…

from the vast natural Americas they can get and monetize off of selling resources to the rest of the world.

The war was against mankind, freedom and that of nature and natural living.

The civil war was more so tightening of the control a second phase as trade and the looting of the

land had already been established. As so today but …  Nature, Man and the land will have this no more!

The world truly returning to the roots of the true power of the universe.

So to hear this side or that side of any war does not matter if you are not hearing the truth

of this divide and conquer method used by the elitist to establish upmost control

over all of the land the people and to monetize this in their favor. Be strong we are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/22/16

A Recomended Book on this and an  link evaluation of book :

Indian Givers : How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World

The (con) vincers believe in fallacy logic that validates their belief system for the truth they do not want to hear.

The first lie they bought themselves so it’s not really as though I think they are deliberate (con)vincers but they are (con) fident in the lies they believe.

I share the truth with my son and as he shares this with adults, family, friends, teachers, and program directors in life and in  many of the classes he attends.

Yet many of these elders  come with the same excuses that those scared of truth use over and over again. ” Do not believe everything you hear on the  internet” a common one.

They also produce fallacy logic based on one or two premises which seem to validate but further examination proves this untrue.

They use diversion to not let him speak and distraction also to not let true info be told.

When it comes to truth, food, health and wellness I’ve done over a decade of work and study and personal self studies in these areas.

I’ve heard just about all the excuses and beliefs from professionals and lay people on this that have not truly done the work but have settled for beliefs.

Do they realize the son of the living god and the truth he speaks will not be silenced by there futile attempts?

Do they realize how much they strengthen the innocence and make them much stronger in their understandings of truth

and how to express such to those that do such futile techniques of peaceful subtle (con) ing?

Do they realize the  suffering they make for themselves by doing such actions to children to make them believe as you do, but not of truth?

I’ve see this in teachers, Aunts , Uncles, Grand parents, parents, instructors, and mentors promoting beliefs rather than truth and knowing. I’ve seen so in myself if I look to what I have believed and taught in the past. I look into what I share now to make sure before I share that it of truth. I look carefully into me as to not do such as to not follow beliefs and do not teach what I do not know.

So I can agree when they say, ” Do not Believe the internet” or anyone I would add. Do not believe or disbelieve for this the root of all delusion . Know and you will too share the truth that we all truly know in our hearts once we decide to be choosy and know rather than belief we will no longer suffer for our delusions or the sharing of such with others.

© Louis J. Auslander 6/17/16

IMG_1751_1024Esp I do not think would be extra it’s normal. Tune into your abilities. Choose to raise yourself to listening to your higher self.

It a choice to choose to tune into your abilities or not. I used to be scared of such and would drink to avoid such or smoke pot

or stay busy in the busy mind or find other poor habits to keep me away from me. Eat chemical foods to numb away me from me.

This we do as children and to our children with candies and junk foods taught to us in this deadening culture.

We can choose to be more part of the living life and live more alive!

I know these abilities are more so when living clean and having a clean diet. In living clean I have a better understanding of these abilities.

Yet even as a drinker or when eating poor they always existed in me. Even when eating the candies and sweets as kids you still get

glimpses of you and your abilities. Some perhaps over ride some of these and still have their esp on.

Yet if you choose to eat clean raw fruit base diet and live a Natural Hygienic lifestyle these abilities are at optimal levels I find.

You do deserve the best in life. Do not be scared of you and what you have to offer yourself and this world.

This what you are here for to share you with the world.

The world needs you now.

You need you now.

Tend to you with tender loving care…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/13/16

Perhaps an understanding that people that are mislead are not really mislead they are choosing to be misled and know deep down they are being lead astray. A sad state of people want to think they are part of something and only do half ass change which really no change at all.

I can error a million times and may have if my learning required me to do so. For each time i have i’ve unlearned a bit more toward my perfection. Which perfection may not be attainable yet i pursue such and very happy of my journey and my growth which is huge from week to week , month to month and year to year.

Now for those that choose to mislead themselves and others may have popularity and rank high on youtube list often on views. Remember this :

Jesus said: The man aged in days will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days about the place of life, and he shall live; for there are many first who shall be last, and they will become a single one. ~ Gospel of Thomas saying four

What do they know? Thier suffering shared as they drag themsleves down as they feed and are fed into a suffering ball of deadened conciousness. A vast egoic loop of disaster over and over again. They have needs of love to lift them out yet … this has to be their choice. Attention ! Attention ! Attention for none to be given to such nonsense. For this not real. We leave them where they choose to lie. Our love too strong to let them feed off of our light and abundance of energy we have for all. We are there for them when they choose to come out of that death conciousness. Has to be thier choice though.

I am open to suggestions of how we can help them out. But am coming to ideals of understandings personally for me that this their choice and they truly know better yet have chosen the split and choose not to be whole. For we shall not be caught in thier egoic loop and feed such nonsense by paying much attention to them.

I say this and will poke at the ball of death on occasion. Throw my heart in there like a fishermen seeing if any want out. The ball has nothing on me and could not drag me down if it tried. I can go into its center if i like and perhaps i will at some point and love it so much it will be blown a part fragmented into the light all freed from this egoic ball of death.

So when i error i do so for go(o)d reason. For there no error in me there no mistakes i were not to make if i learned or unlearned in the process. Know that loves winning over over and over again… I see the world being lifted to its true potential the resistence is futile as love will save us all!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/11/16

If i had more to say would you listen?

Would i sense you do not want to hear the truth and stop what i was to share with you?

Would you hear the thoughts anyway?

Would you fear the thoughts of truth?

Would i have the wisdom to know when to stop even if you never said to?

Would you ever know me?

Would i be able to share myself with you?

Would i love you no matter what?

© Louis J. Auslander 6/10/16

I engaged in more than one supposed losing battle and won.

I’ve stood alone more than once and rose above what some said were unsurmountable odds.

Truthfully never alone and the power of the divine has our back with the power of universal love … Who’s going to stop that?

No one on this earth can or will ever.

Know your true strength. Live truthfully from your heart this power of ours will not be stopped.

Blessings to all upon their paths. Know that your support runs deep and true you and the will of the universal love can not be stopped…

© Louis J. Auslander 6/10/16

Line them up and knock them down.

They raise their sin and bow to crown.

We have no doubt we’re living free.

The love we share from you to we.

So they are all strung up strung out they rang in and they are rung out.

They rose and fell we lifted those willing…

The rest still lost out playing and shilling.

What we do… how we be…. We share the love from you to we…

Yoda knows we do not try we live and love no alibi’s.

The force so strong naturally for all …

Yet not there for those that choose not to listen or hear the call …

They can change their ways until they do they are lost in the craze…

What we do … how we be … We are the love from you to we …

© Louis J. Auslander 6/10/16