Friday, June 17, 2016

The (con) vincers believe in fallacy logic that validates their belief system for the truth they do not want to hear.

The first lie they bought themselves so it’s not really as though I think they are deliberate (con)vincers but they are (con) fident in the lies they believe.

I share the truth with my son and as he shares this with adults, family, friends, teachers, and program directors in life and in  many of the classes he attends.

Yet many of these elders  come with the same excuses that those scared of truth use over and over again. ” Do not believe everything you hear on the  internet” a common one.

They also produce fallacy logic based on one or two premises which seem to validate but further examination proves this untrue.

They use diversion to not let him speak and distraction also to not let true info be told.

When it comes to truth, food, health and wellness I’ve done over a decade of work and study and personal self studies in these areas.

I’ve heard just about all the excuses and beliefs from professionals and lay people on this that have not truly done the work but have settled for beliefs.

Do they realize the son of the living god and the truth he speaks will not be silenced by there futile attempts?

Do they realize how much they strengthen the innocence and make them much stronger in their understandings of truth

and how to express such to those that do such futile techniques of peaceful subtle (con) ing?

Do they realize the  suffering they make for themselves by doing such actions to children to make them believe as you do, but not of truth?

I’ve see this in teachers, Aunts , Uncles, Grand parents, parents, instructors, and mentors promoting beliefs rather than truth and knowing. I’ve seen so in myself if I look to what I have believed and taught in the past. I look into what I share now to make sure before I share that it of truth. I look carefully into me as to not do such as to not follow beliefs and do not teach what I do not know.

So I can agree when they say, ” Do not Believe the internet” or anyone I would add. Do not believe or disbelieve for this the root of all delusion . Know and you will too share the truth that we all truly know in our hearts once we decide to be choosy and know rather than belief we will no longer suffer for our delusions or the sharing of such with others.

© Louis J. Auslander 6/17/16

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