I seen that coming…

Monday, June 13, 2016

IMG_1751_1024Esp I do not think would be extra it’s normal. Tune into your abilities. Choose to raise yourself to listening to your higher self.

It a choice to choose to tune into your abilities or not. I used to be scared of such and would drink to avoid such or smoke pot

or stay busy in the busy mind or find other poor habits to keep me away from me. Eat chemical foods to numb away me from me.

This we do as children and to our children with candies and junk foods taught to us in this deadening culture.

We can choose to be more part of the living life and live more alive!

I know these abilities are more so when living clean and having a clean diet. In living clean I have a better understanding of these abilities.

Yet even as a drinker or when eating poor they always existed in me. Even when eating the candies and sweets as kids you still get

glimpses of you and your abilities. Some perhaps over ride some of these and still have their esp on.

Yet if you choose to eat clean raw fruit base diet and live a Natural Hygienic lifestyle these abilities are at optimal levels I find.

You do deserve the best in life. Do not be scared of you and what you have to offer yourself and this world.

This what you are here for to share you with the world.

The world needs you now.

You need you now.

Tend to you with tender loving care…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/13/16

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