Man vs. Nature fooled into sides …

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The civil war a farce as both sides were funded by the elitist and methods for the

bankers/elitist in power to gain more control over there newly acquired land.

Make all slaves to their colonization. No true freedom was to be.

Establish more industry over the vast land and control over the masses.

Establish rail for the grain that would be the food to establish slaves to the grain

and provide mass transport of goods and gold to go back to the religious sanctum,

queen and those elitist in power.  Demolish the natives and their free living ideals

also any whites that came here with or developed such ideals. Establish a religion and force that upon the masses.

These were the goals of those in charge. Get all the gold and spices,  fruits, furs , cotton, natural resources,  etc…

from the vast natural Americas they can get and monetize off of selling resources to the rest of the world.

The war was against mankind, freedom and that of nature and natural living.

The civil war was more so tightening of the control a second phase as trade and the looting of the

land had already been established. As so today but …  Nature, Man and the land will have this no more!

The world truly returning to the roots of the true power of the universe.

So to hear this side or that side of any war does not matter if you are not hearing the truth

of this divide and conquer method used by the elitist to establish upmost control

over all of the land the people and to monetize this in their favor. Be strong we are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/22/16

A Recomended Book on this and an  link evaluation of book :

Indian Givers : How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World

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