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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Perhaps an understanding that people that are mislead are not really mislead they are choosing to be misled and know deep down they are being lead astray. A sad state of people want to think they are part of something and only do half ass change which really no change at all.

I can error a million times and may have if my learning required me to do so. For each time i have i’ve unlearned a bit more toward my perfection. Which perfection may not be attainable yet i pursue such and very happy of my journey and my growth which is huge from week to week , month to month and year to year.

Now for those that choose to mislead themselves and others may have popularity and rank high on youtube list often on views. Remember this :

Jesus said: The man aged in days will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days about the place of life, and he shall live; for there are many first who shall be last, and they will become a single one. ~ Gospel of Thomas saying four

What do they know? Thier suffering shared as they drag themsleves down as they feed and are fed into a suffering ball of deadened conciousness. A vast egoic loop of disaster over and over again. They have needs of love to lift them out yet … this has to be their choice. Attention ! Attention ! Attention for none to be given to such nonsense. For this not real. We leave them where they choose to lie. Our love too strong to let them feed off of our light and abundance of energy we have for all. We are there for them when they choose to come out of that death conciousness. Has to be thier choice though.

I am open to suggestions of how we can help them out. But am coming to ideals of understandings personally for me that this their choice and they truly know better yet have chosen the split and choose not to be whole. For we shall not be caught in thier egoic loop and feed such nonsense by paying much attention to them.

I say this and will poke at the ball of death on occasion. Throw my heart in there like a fishermen seeing if any want out. The ball has nothing on me and could not drag me down if it tried. I can go into its center if i like and perhaps i will at some point and love it so much it will be blown a part fragmented into the light all freed from this egoic ball of death.

So when i error i do so for go(o)d reason. For there no error in me there no mistakes i were not to make if i learned or unlearned in the process. Know that loves winning over over and over again… I see the world being lifted to its true potential the resistence is futile as love will save us all!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/11/16

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