The Fall … and Rise….

Monday, June 27, 2016

Egos fall… They fall in what they think would be love.  We rise in love …. When we love unconditionally we rise and rise and rise….

I rise in love with you unconditionally …

No games, no lies, no tricks, no tries.

Know love… Know gains… Know minds…. No pains….

The heart will not lie. The heart will be honest and if we choose to come from the heart it will never be broken for it will be strengthened and it will grow.

Open up and know your true strength.

Know truth and you will know what not of truth but this does not harm the heart it only seems to harm you for it harms the ego that has expectations and desires outside of the hearts true desire which that of unconditional love. You’re not your ego. We’re love!

There’s no fall that not worth the rise. Let fall away … what not you and full that empty space with the love that you have always been and are part of. Love heals all and we are love…

Receive our gifts today with an open heart and cherish this day that we are blessed to have!

© Louis J. Auslander 6/27/16

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