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We are the sum and not of  the delusional parts that we in error choose to think in fragmented ways.

Unite in thought and understanding for the whole of all the living.

Take care of the whole and we will be at one.

This goes for the body and outside the body.

© Louis J. Auslander 7/29/16

Fail with complete love then you will have failed in that area of your life for the final time and the final lesson you will have learned. Until this repeating of lesson will happen…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/27/16

Something to write something to say was I even supposed to do that today?

I thought I had a message I thought something came through…

When I stopped thinking that’s when I knew.

What did I know? Even then…. What could I say?

For all were feelings that knew the way…

Try to express such…. Try to share…

Often it seemed to fall on deaf ear and even if heard could it be understood?

More so a feeling a look or a glare a soft meaningful gesture and we knew we were there.

Even at that we never completely knew “there” yet we felt the comfort and union we share.

The undoing led to what was always so … the simple union … the simple flow … the simple way … the simple know …

So now when we choose the peace of the now we know not alone we know of the Howgh.

© Louis J. Auslander 7/26/16

To keep all at odds and divided seems to be the agenda of such two way split thinking. Perpetrating such with the made up two party system then polarizing it to extremes on each end to further make people think they have enemies. Union of humans our natural state when we choose to not learn and listen to the state!
© Louis J. Auslander 7/22/16

So if your ever lying government which I think many would agree with if they even half way looked into many things tells you something is true how does this validate it or make it so?

How do you choose to believe in an authority that has habitually lied?

Please do yourself and humanity a favor and “Do Stop Believing…”

Our foundation as humans would be our food for these chemicals we eat become whom we are. One needs to look no further than the government agencies that regulate food/drugs to see how they do not have our best interest at heart. This food/drugs one example but the key as which leads to being chemically numbed with delusion into more of the lies.

Yet foolishly people vote and look up to this authority as if it validates truth. How do you do that if you do?

© Louis J. Auslander 7/21/16

Swim on an angle towards the shore do not directly resist in opposition of or one may be dragged into the undertow. I use this and has come to me as of recent as an analogie to changing old habits or behaviors that are no longer needed. Resist they persist …. Let go and flow…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/20/16

“Hey you!”  ” Are you going to just bury your head in the sand or are you going to buy into my fearful version of a projected reality in the future and do something about it?”

“Do something about your projected fearful version of a future reality?”

“And if I do not you consider me to be burying my head in the sand?”

Interesting…. hmm…. I’m kinda busy making heaven here on earth so ….

“Would you like to join in union and do so as well?”

“You don’t get it!”

“We have to do this or the fearful version of future reality will happen! ”

So…. ” We have to kill this before it becomes worse and then we get killed.”

Oh… “So killing for peace?

“Yes! Now you get it!”

“No! I do not understand that.” As I said, “I am making heaven here on earth would you like to join in union and do so as well?”

© Louis J. Auslander 7/19/16

(Con)servatives that want the world to stay the same are the issue.

They want division or for us to think like them and act like them and dress like them and be prudes like them .

We are free spirits and we will not be like that.

If this offends you or you are like that then  loosen up, lighten up. Honestly you will feel much better if you liberate yourself from the confines of ideals of an old dead world.

We reach out with our hearts to comfort you during these times of change.

We will be free and liberated as humans. Resistance to the change in the world will only lead to more suffering …. which will lead to growth and change or more sufferring …. which will lead to growth and change or more suffering …. which will lead to growth … I think you get the point. Lead from your heart and love will guide and protect you…

We Are One! United We Are!

© Louis J. Auslander 7/11/16

All lives have mattered all along. You speak out against injustice in this system as any human should do for we as one will expose those that do not treat us fairly. My people are all people. An act of racism in any form an act against my people by my people. An act of injustice against any race an act against my people by my people. This extends to any country on this planet. This has nothing to do with race as much as it has to do with people seeing us separate from others no matter the color. I do not practice veganism because I feel only some lives matter. All lives do matter to me and they have before this slogan or that slogan were created. Animal lives and human lives and plant life. This covers any form of separative speaking by humans. All lives matter does not contradict or is not in conflict nor does it oppose or water down any efforts for justice and truth nor does it separate it unites. I’ve been speaking all lives matter and we as humans need not divide for years publicly in my blog even before this terminology was used. No sides to humanity. We Are One! We the people of the World need to unite in truthful honest efforts to denounce the separative initiatives by media and government whom push divide! Yet we know in our hearts even those in government and media are our people as well. Extend the love stop with the divide. We are One!
© Louis J. Auslander 7/9/16

If you bare your heart and soul to others they cannot hurt you.

How can they?

For my love unconditionally given and shared with you…

No one can harm that…

If I feel harm I feel from not what me…

If so then … An imposter I created in a delusional world that can get hurt by such. Oh, what a trick to play on ones self. An ideal that has made ones self whom one is not.

I choose to be me true and loving in a world of the same.

© Louis J. Auslander 7/8/16