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The media will divide you if you let it. So ridiculous how the media takes situations that as a whole are extremely rare and makes them seem like they are to worry about. Fear mongers put fear into the citizens if you let it. Divide and conquer techniques have been used in societies to control masses forever. Can we wake up from such stupidity? Not to down play the death of even one human in this world this tragic to kill anyone. But get real and see the bigger picture.

The real problem would be the health and wellness of most Americans. This has effects on the individuals minds and the collective human mind on the daily. Yet It’s Friday and many will choose to abuse themselves with food substance and drugs and alcohol as forms of recreation. Also how many are on medications? I look around at gatherings or when with extended family and most are prisoners to Pharma. WTF how can we be a sane nation when we are all under the influence?

So instead of being pissed at whites or blacks or cops or cop killers take a look at yourself and what you do as a person to make it better. A sick nation that wants division and enemies amongst fellow humans needs to take a good look at themselves.

Clean your house. Clean your body. Clean your mind. Then you will make for a better world! Shine light and love on your brothers and you will help. We are all in this world together. The enemy would be you if you are at war within. Start with you and watch the world change…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/8/16