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May seem easier to just Say Go Team (insert: cure based cause, nation, religion, occupation,) speak cliches and follow symbols and idols than to truly support just human initiatives with actions. May seem easier to blindly speak the cliches you have been taught than to look deeper into these teams you support.

What easy at first with avoidance of truth leads to long term pain.

A bit of … “Hard to understand or  unlearning” at first hard work but … better results and growth and easier for you as life goes on…

Well the  sad truth is this country was built on lies if you look deep enough into it.

But the knew world and the true are restoring this world back to its pristine ways.

Look within your own heart and the truth will be known.

Lets stop the make be(lie)ving and the half truths and live from our hearts from a place of universal knowledge and truth. We all have that within us and when we live from there we take are freedom back.

We all Know ! Lets Grow …

One world! No Borders! No division! Humans Unite! We Are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 9/8/16

1) Some want to win so bad they are destine to lose.

2) Some give so much they cannot lose.

3) Holding on to what you had can have a hold on you.

4) Living and loving no mad will restore your groove.

5) Tomorrows as made up as Yesterday so Now you know.

© Louis J. Auslander 9/7/16

Excuses For Abuses

The story of adding injury to injury and feeling sorry for your sorry ass…

Lets throw that book away …

Rewrite …. Rewrite … Rewrite Your life…

You have a choice you write the script. That old played out way does not serve you anymore.

Nothing more to learn from your abuses and excuses.

Open the page to a new story a new way on this new day …

Our world is changing and we’re making it new but first that story starts with you!

Divinity blesses you on your journey and your lifes purpose…

© Louis J. Auslander 9/7/16

Jumping to conclusions an error but jumping to delusion this an error at a whole other level. Be careful what we Be(lie)ve for when we become offensive violent and attack based upon be(lie)fs rather than seeing true we suffer for our doing of such. We’ve all done so and if we can be the witness of our own actions then we see the error and the lessons we have to learn. Getting beyond our own delusions takes more so unleanring. When we choose to learn we suffer no more. The letting go of error makes for our healing which allows us to see more clearly. Our soul work often not easy but letting go of egos be(lie)fs well worth it in doing so we encompass more peace of mind and clarity. God bless and strength to you to let go of what no longer serves your higher self.

© Louis J. Auslander 9/6/16

Those that care need undermine a corrupt system. They need not just take orders if orders are not humane. “Sorry rank and file I will not instruct my men to do what not of integrity and what not best for humanity!”. More sticking up for whats right from those embeded within the system. This goes particularily for Teachers, Healthcare workers, Officers, Government Employees, Military. This truly fighting for our freedom. We serve fellow humans, animals, earth and all the living. Gods laws and laws of nature rule and if we do not follow those we lead to are own suffering. No one in this world would be above that. The divine will bless you and lead you and forever protect you. Listen and you will know what to do. Thank you for your service to all the living!