Feed Yourself Well …

Friday, November 11, 2016

When do you decide to vote with your lifestyle?

Many so easily feared by words.

Same as those easily pacified by lying words of peace.

Peace not outside of you it within you.

Letting the media/government imagine your future an life for you can be scary.

Go through your fear now. Now the time for your healing. This opportunity here and now.

Do not : “Oh, no I need a drink,” “Oh no I need to smoke pot,” “Oh no I need to eat baked goods,” “Oh no I need to shop,” etc…  All this avoidance of your fears and what in many ways has lead to such a fearful mindset that can easily be triggered by outside forces into being terrified.

Stop being a puppet to culture that has not been for your best interest.

Tear down traditional ways as comfort… As many ready to cut and carve dead carcass in thankful ways for a holiday that commemorates genocide of natives can be one tradition you can avoid if you want to avoid.

Make for a thanks living not for a ceremony where death and animal sacrifice are on our plates to eat and fill our guts with that which stimulates aggression and fear into our being.

Avoid eating death and chemicals that contribute to imbalances and make for unsettled minds that are easily triggered and brought into fear.

Do you want peace of mind?

Start with the foundation of what you take into your body, mind and soul.

Within you there peace at your core this your birthright and being.

Undo what not of you…

Let go and stop feeding yourself that which moves you into fear and away from your being…

Stop being death fed, Stop being media fed, Stop the fed head for as you continually consume you are choosing to eat away at you in avoidance  and bringing forth what of fear and not of you. You are love…

Undo what not of you my love… Undo … Undo … Undo …

We Are one and coming though …

© Louis J. Auslander 11/11/16

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